The appearance of schoolchildren at the rallies forced the “Putin project” into action

This year, ten pilot regions of Russia will host a competition for the position of advisors to school directors on education. The project will be handled by the Russian Movement of Schoolchildren (RDS) – it was created in 2015 by Russian President Vladimir Putin and is supervised by his administration.

A source close to the Presidential Administration said that the task of the advisor is to communicate with young people.

“They have a request to communicate with them on political topics, including about rallies,” he explained. The words of the interlocutor lead “Kommersant”.

Irina Plescheva, executive director of the RDSH, confirmed that the main task of the adviser is to communicate with children. Particular attention will be paid to those who were detained at the protests.

At the end of December, Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov spoke about the emergence of a new position in schools. He stated that the advisers would take care of educational work and interaction between schools and other educational institutions.

The competition called “Navigators of Childhood” will be open to active teachers and students, starting from the fourth year. The appearance of advisers is a reaction to the appearance of students and schoolchildren at unauthorized meetings.


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