“The author of the popular American animation’The Simpsons’ died of Corona 19”

The author of the popular American animation’The Simpsons’ died of complications from Corona 19.

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On the 1st (local time), the New York Times reported on the 30th of last month that Mark Wilmore died at the age of 57 due to corona 19 complications. Mark Wilmore is a famous writer and producer for’The Simpsons’,’In Living Color’ and’F Is for Family’.

His brother and famous comedian Larry Wilmore said that Mark died a week after learning that he was infected with Corona 19. He is said to have had problems with his health after receiving a kidney transplant in the past.

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Born in 1963, Mark began his career as a stand-up comedian and debuted as a writer in 1990 through the comedy show’In Living Color’. Mark joined the’Simpsons’ in 2000 and has been a producer and writer for more than 10 years.

Mike Reese, who created the “The Simpsons” with Mark, commemorated the deceased by posting on his Twitter “one of the warmest men I could ever work with, who wrote great articles and always laughed at me.”

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Meanwhile,’The Simpsons’, which started its first broadcast in 1987, has been loved all over the world for over 30 years, drawing not only pleasant and fun stories, but also satirizing American politics and society in general.

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