The baby has just been born, and is already cosplaying Elvis Presley. Her hair will be the envy of both the king of rock and roll and Rapunzel

The father showed a photo of his little daughter, but people see her as an Elvis Presley cosplay. After all, the baby’s hair is cooler than that of a rock and roll star. It seems that the girl will need the entire cosmetic arsenal for her hair from infancy.

User of the entertainment portal Reddit with a nickname eyeswideblue boasted his daughter’s unusual genetics. In a post on March 10, a man posted a photo of a two-month-old girl, but her age is hard to believe – her hair is misleading. The baby has too lush and thick hair for an ordinary baby. It seems that the girl from the very birth is already going to overtake Rapunzel.

The girl did not learn to speak, but already cosplayed Elvis Presley.  After all, the king of rock and roll will envy her hairstyle
The father showed a two-month-old daughter with gorgeous hair

A post with a photo of a two-month-old girl with thick hair went viral on Reddit and got over 70 thousand upvotes. And in the comments, people did not go without jokes about the baby’s hair and her age.

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Others began comparing the baby to celebrities.

And not only the little Elvis-like girl was lucky with her hair. A dad from Japan showed his daughter’s hair, and people saw her as an anime character. After all, this is what a 2D cartoon hairstyle would look like in the real world.

And other parents admitted that they had not combed their daughter’s hair for nine years. But it is worth finding out the reason, and you cannot blame them for neglecting your own child.


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