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– Riot Games’ Arcane, which once again sparked a game animation craze by winning an Emmy Award in 2022

On September 7th, the status of the Korean game industry rose by one level. This is because the amendment bill to the Culture and Arts Promotion Act, which recognizes games as cultural art, has been passed by the National Assembly. Games were granted the citizenship of culture and art. On this day, not only games but animations also fell into the category of culture and art. It is not an exaggeration to say that the two contents are close enough to be companions at the same time.

Games and animations have a mutually beneficial relationship to expand IP, secure popularity, and add stories. The game overcame the limitations of animation, which could not tell a story that was not completed in the game through animation, or that could not tell a detailed story in a limited amount.

The famous IP ‘Fate’ of Type Moon in Japan succeeded in popularizing the game by adapting it into an animation and gaining explosive popularity. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 was an ‘Advent Children’ animation produced in 2005 with the best graphic technology at the time, and was well received by fans for presenting the story behind the original.

The use of animation in the game industry is currently in progress. Riot Games’ League of Legends IP-based animation ‘Arcane’ has gained great popularity by unraveling the detailed story of a specific worldview in detail with unique drawings. As a result, it won the ‘Best Animation Award’ at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

On the 16th, Hoyo Bus’ representative game ‘Genshin’ made a surprise announcement in the 3.1 update special broadcast that it would produce an animation of ‘Genshin’ with U-Portable, a famous Japanese animation production company. Wonshin is a game that stands tall as the best subculture game in the world.

U-Portable has also been reborn as the world’s best animation producer by presenting numerous masterpieces such as Gong’s Barrier, Fate Zero, Fate Stay Night, and Blade of Destruction. The meeting between game and animation quality representatives is a combination that not only game fans but also anime fans can’t help but look forward to.

In addition, various game-based animations such as Pokémon, Persona, Uma Musume, Legend of the Monster Hunter Guild, Final Fantasy 15 King’s Glaive, Tekken Bloodline, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, etc. have appeared. , Myungil Ark, and many other famous game animations were announced, making the hearts of fans flutter.

■ Cyberpunk 2077 “Animation that led to a rebound point”

– Cyberpunk: Edge Runner Official Trailer

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ produced by CDPR, a Polish game company, overcame the slump in the game with animation. Unfortunately, like Tekken Bloodline, Korea cannot be watched because it did not pass the deliberation.

Cyberpunk 2077 had high expectations before its release, but after its release in December 2020, it failed at the box office as it was criticized for its numerous bugs and sloppy gameplay. There were so many bugs that normal gameplay was impossible. The majority of users complained and a large-scale refund occurred.

This game, which has remained in the black history of the game industry, drew attention with the animation ‘Cyberpunk Edge Runner’, which was released on Netflix on September 13th. Produced by the famous Japanese animation studio Trigger, this work contains a new story set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. You can see a different side of Night City from the point of view of the new protagonists, and the music on the radio that came in while driving a car in the game stimulated nostalgia for gamers who enjoyed the original.

The reason for the success of the animation lies in the solid worldview of the original. Various bugs were pointed out as problems, and the story received good reviews. In other words, the current situation where animations are well-received as they intuitively deliver stories regardless of bugs is a natural thing to do. In particular, the attractive point of animation is that you can enjoy the work without having background knowledge about the game. Critics analyzed that “the attractive visuals and the completeness of the story section drew positive responses.”

Cyberpunk 2077, which has been re-emerging in the anime’s attention, has been updated with the 1.6 update. As a result, as of September 19th, it is boasting of a reverse run, ranking first in sales on the Steam platform. It is expected that the expansion pack ‘Phantom Liberty’, which will be released in 2023, will be able to regain its reputation as the most anticipated work of 2020.

■ Myungil Ark “Unraveling the charm of the game through animation”

– The 3rd official trailer for the animation ‘Prelude to Dawn’

On the 24th, Yostar released the 3rd official trailer for the animation ‘Prelude to Dawn’ through the official YouTube channel.

Myung-il’s Ark is a mobile defense RPG that emphasizes strategy through a defense method and presents differentiation. Based on high-quality illustrations, differentiated game methods, and solid storytelling, it has established itself as a popular mobile game in China, ranking first in the Apple App Store’s top-grossing sales several times.

The post-apocalyptic worldview is the best material for animation. Analyze the causes of conflicts and disasters by saving people from various dangers on the stage of ‘Originium’, an energy source that built civilization, but at the same time suffering from an incurable disease called ore disease, and the planet ‘Terra’, where disasters of unknown cause occur everywhere. It contains the story of the group ‘Rhodos Island’.

The story unfolds in a flow where the user becomes a doctor who has lost his memory and places members of Rhodes Island and cooperative organizations in the right place to block enemies and unknown beings that threaten people.

The animation ‘Prelude to Dawn’ will contain the contents of the first part of the game. The trailer begins in the form of a brief explanation of the reason for the existence of Rhodes Island and the reunion that will be faced in the future to the in-game user, Dr.

In addition to the main characters working with Rhodes Island and Rhodes Island, such as Dr. Amiyawa, Nier, Chen, Texas, Exia, Riskam, and Franka, drawings of major characters appearing in Part 1 such as Reunion’s executives and Misha were revealed.

Users commented, “My heart is getting bigger”, “Chinese game companies are so concerned about external content, but what are they doing in Korea?”, “Quality is great”, “Myungil Ark has a good story, but the gameplay itself isn’t bad. “,”, “I hope that many new users through the animation”, such as positive reactions and support.

The Ark of the Myeongil Ark animation ‘Prelude to Dawn’ is scheduled to air on the streaming platform on October 29th. Information on viewing platforms will be revealed later.

■ Nier Automata “Continues to the original box office animation”

– Nier Automata Version 1.1a Official Trailer

Square Enix’s hit game ‘NieR Automata’ will be animated in January 2023. The official title of the animation is ‘NieR Automata Ver 1.1a’, and it was produced by A1-Pictures, a subsidiary of Aniplex, and directed by Ryoji Masyama and character designer Jun Nakai took the helm.

Nier Automata is an action RPG jointly produced by Square Enix and Platinum Games and released in 2017. The cult story and worldview of Taro Yoko and the charming character design of Akihiko Yoshida made it popular.

Platinum Games’ unique colorful and structured battle elements also contributed to the box office’s success. In particular, the BGM received rave reviews to the extent that it occupied the game-related awards that year. Thanks to this, it achieved an all-time record of 4 million copies in Near Series history.

The reporter was also immersed in the character and worldview settings at the time of release and enjoyed up to the 9th episode by changing the difficulty, and purchased various official goods such as necklaces, figurines, and dolls as well as the collector’s edition. Expectations for ‘The End of YoRHa Edition’, a ported version of the Nintendo Switch to be released on October 6, are also high.

The story of Nier Automata Ver 1.1a is different from the original. Square Enix director Taro Yoko, who developed the game, said on his Twitter, “It is true that we decided on the composition of the animation, but the story is completely different. I am glad that I was rejected,” he said.

The voice actors of 2B, 9S, Ford 042, and Ford 153 appearing in the anime are all the same as in the original. Fans who saw the tier video released at the Aniplex Online Fest expressed their expectations, such as “I like the drawing”, “It’s nice to see it again with animation”, “I’m so excited about the battle directing”, “I can see scenes from the game”, etc.

Other than the characters, details have not been revealed yet. According to Aniplex’s explanation, information related to Nier Automata Ver 1.1a will be released in various trailers, including character promotion videos, from October.

■ Wonshin “U-portable and Wonshin? Just hearing the name is magnificent”

– Start of long-term project in Wonshin, concept PV

Hoyo Bus is promoting a long-term project to produce original animation in collaboration with Uportable, a Japanese animation production company for ‘Wonshini’, a representative work of Hoyo Bus. As it was introduced as a long-term project, it is expected that it will take a long time for the release date to be confirmed.

Wonshin is an open world adventure game released in September 2020. With a solid storyline, a character design that stimulates the fan’s heart, and an operation that clearly demonstrated the concept of reinvestment in the game, it gained a sensational popularity. According to data from Sensor Tower, an app statistical analysis platform, it recorded annual sales of $1.8 billion (about 2.57 trillion won) in 2021 and is still proud of the best global box office performance.

On the 16th, Hoyo Bus released an animation project video at the end of an online showcase introducing the version 3.1 update of Genshin. In the three-minute video, we could see the main characters of the game, Aiter Lumine and Paymon.

Most of all, the name of the producer caught my attention. This is because the Fate series was already a U-portable that has already enthralled anime fans around the world. Recently, with the animation ‘Devil’s Blade’, its reputation is on the rise. Fans analyzed that Wonshin lacked some sense of action and excitement in battle, but if it were U-portable drawing and directing, it would be possible to appease that disappointment.

The strength of u-portable animation is the combat action. In particular, the battle scenes in ‘Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel’, ‘Devil’s Blade: Infinite Train’ and ‘Devil’s Blade: Street of Pleasure’ are rated as the best among existing animations.

Fans said, “It shows what the end of reinvestment is”, “The quality is crazy”, “I’m glad I was born when this game exists”, “A developer who loves games more than users”, “I was satisfied with just the name of U-Portable”, He did not spare any praises, such as “It is only when you put in this much effort that the game deserves recognition as a culture.”

Won-bin Moon, Reporter at Game Talk

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