The best cosplay in the Blizzard universe!

You know, cosplayers manage to catch inspiration for their own costumes from anything. As we told you talking about the birth of cosplay, however, the various film sagas including that of Star Wars and superhero comics such as those from Marvel, were the first real sources. The arrival of video games and production houses like the American Blizzard therefore, they have done nothing but increase the chances of fans to take on the role of their beloved heroes.

Here are some of the best Blizzard cosplay!

The company from Irvine, California, however, has also managed to take advantage of this popularity it has had over the years. Besides collaborate with different cosplayers to bring new characters from their titles to life, organize various races to test them and create something great.

An example is certainly the race Overwatch Cosplay Battle held in 2019, in which six teams made up of three cosplayers each, faced off showing off their skills to making a costume over the course of three months. Viewers and fans directly helped their favorite teams by voting to decide which cosplay to make. A jury made up of Blizzard artists and some professional cosplayers then chose the grand prize winners!

Blizzard however, always has pay attention also for their fans who enjoy themselves in their free time to create one of the costumes of the heroes of the American production company. So let’s go and discover some of the best cosplay of this videogame universe!

Anjali Bhimani and Carolina Ravassa

If the parent company already appreciates cosplayers on its own, the voice actors who give voice to the Blizzard characters are no less. This is precisely the case with Carolina Ravassa e Anjali bhimani, the voice actresses respectively of Sombra and Symmetra from Overwatch! They both asked the cosplayer Hane Cosplay to help them make costumes for their characters to surprise their fans at fairs! The result is spectacular: the attention to detail combined with their interpretation, make these cosplay unique that so close to perfection!

Henchmen Studios

best cosplay blizzard 4

As we have already mentioned, Blizzard is not new to presenting some of their characters at Blizzcon to give fans the opportunity to take some photos with them. It is in fact the case of Lilith da Diablo: the production house commissioned the Henchmen Studios the creation of this magnificent costume worn by the influencer and model Stefie Drew. Being professionals, they used numerous known techniques, from casts, to tailoring, to make-up to make Lilith down to the smallest detail.

Askar Cosplay

best cosplay blizzard 2

One of Blizzard’s most popular characters is Anduin, prince of Stormwind. Askar Cosplay managed to play this version of Heroes of the Storm of one of the protagonists of World of Warcraft making a noteworthy costume. The armor, built entirely of foam, it is in fact one of the most difficult to recreate. All the details have been made with care and precision, maintaining the same attention to detail even in building his sword.

Muyang Tan

best cosplay blizzard 8

That of Lunara is the first of the original characters of Heroes of the Storm to appear in the card game Hearthstone. Daughter of a demi-god, one of the things that most characterize her is undoubtedly her appearance, half human and half deer. Muyang Tan, a Chinese cosplayer, made this particular heroine brilliantly. She managed to replicate every part of Lunara to perfection: the body of a deer is one of the best made and the skill with which she managed to work the foam to make the armor is evident. To see the photos of this cosplay it looks like straight out of Heroes of the Storm!

Lightning Cosplay

best cosplay blizzard 6

The duo of German cosplayers of Lightning cosplay has been famous for some time in the various world communities. Their skills touch every artistic environment: from working with foam to creating resin masks with molds, adding LEDs to make your costumes even more epic. That of Malfurion gives World of Warcraft it’s just one of the many spectacular costumes they’ve made. Special attention was given to the wings of the night elf, which were made of foam to then be colored with the airbrush, in order to give more realism to the shades.

Chibi Sisters

best cosplay blizzard 3

The world of cosplay is generally associated with teenagers and adults. However, there are more and more parents who, driven by this passion, help their children to create amazing costumes that will amaze anyone in the community. It is precisely the case of Chibi Sisters, two little cosplayer girls who often play characters in pairs as in the case of Deathwing e Sindragosa da World of Warcraft. Be careful looking at their profile though, the level of sweetness achieved by these miniature cosplayers is really high!


best blizzard cosplay 5

Speaking of the Blizzard world and in particular of World of Warcraft, we can only mention too Lanhacos. His Gul’dan it is so detailed and impressive that it is impossible for it to go unnoticed. This cosplayer from Seoul, South Korea, managed to win first place at the Korea Championship of cosplay in 2019. By totally modeling the mask and painting it carefully, she managed to take on the appearance of the ogre sorcerer, thus beating the competition.

Marco Ielo

best cosplay blizzard 7

As the last, but not least, stage of our journey through the Blizzard universe, we return to our homeland. Re-entering the world of Overwatch, we present you then Marco Ielo, a Calabrian cosplayer who has decided to wear the shoes of one of his favorite characters: Zarya, the Russian tank from Blizzard. The skin he chose is la Barbarian, released in the game for Blizzworld, during which some characters of Overwatch wore the shoes of other protagonists of the Blizzard world, like real cosplayers!

And which cosplay of these did you find most surprising? Do you know anyone else who is passionate about Blizzard video games who plays the role of some character from this universe? Let us know in the comments!

If you also want to make a cosplay from one of the Blizzard games, we recommend this artbook di Overwatch which offers a more detailed look at the various characters!

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