The best Final Fantasy cosplay

The world of cosplay as you’ve never seen it before.

In this “practice” of costume born in the mid-nineties, the Japanese are the best (also because everything comes from there). There are professionals who recreate very well not only the costume but also the facial interpretation and the poses. Precisely for this reason, the ones we present in this article are true champions.


We have chosen a series of cosplayer which are inspired by the world of Final Fantasy. We would also like to have your comments on this at the bottom of the article so that we can comment on them together.

And away with the roundup

1 – Seifer Squall and Edea from Final Fantasy VIII

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Beautiful scene reproduced from the game intro. The characters are really focused and Edea in the background is a nice touch.

2 – Lightning on Odin from Final Fantasy XIII

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Also beautiful this scene and the pose of the cosplayer. Lightning’s weapons are perfect. Beautiful photo with the perspective in relief.

3 – the characters of Final Fantasy IV

Wonderful group of friends who take up the costumes of the characters of the fourth chapter. Beautiful setting that is the perfect background to the colors of the costumes.

4 – Reno e Rude di Advent Children

These two cosplayers are very much alike. Congratulations also for the pose and expression. Very good !!

5 – Land of Final Fantasy VI

Beautiful photomontage with a truly fantastic cosplayer of one of the most loved characters of the series.

6 – Cloud di Advent Children

How can we forget one of the most fantastic scenes from the AC movie. Just before making Sephiroth disappear? Bravissio the cosplayer in the pose.

7 – Shiva di Final Fantasy VIII

An incredible photomontage, but the cosplayer is truly magnificent. The choice of impersonating a GF and not one of the characters in the game is wonderful. It is not easy at all. Congratulations.

8 – Snow e Lightning di Final Fantasy XIII

Beautiful scene chosen for this pose. Beautiful costumes and the photographer good at having the right light.

9 – Rikku di Final Fantasy X

Magnificent photo! Perfect cosplay and also very similar to the interpreter. One of the best.

10 -Squall of Final Fantasy VIII

Magnificent cosplay. Excellent scenography, beautiful pose and perfect costume. Face also quite similar. Good boy!!

11 – Sephiroth di Crisis Core

Great costume and beautiful scene for the best villain of the saga.

12 – Zack in Crisis Core

How can you not be surprised by this scene? Great representation of one of the most iconic scenes in the game. Beautiful cosplay.

13 – Tidus in Final Fantasy X

A spectacular photo. Beautiful game weapon faithfully reproduced and excellent costume.

14 – Zidane e Garnet di Final Fantasy IX

Beautiful this scene that takes up one of the final scenes of the game. Too bad we can’t even evaluate the cosplayer who plays Zidane from the front, but the costumes are magnificent. Beautiful picture.

15 – Final Fantasy X Lulu

Beautiful costume and photograph of this magnificent cosplayer.

16 – Final Fantasy Type-0

A beautiful heartbreaking scene. Spectacular photography. Congratulations to all costumed participants.

17 – Zack e Aerith da Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Beautiful photograph of these two cosplayers filming a touching moment of the Crisis Core.

18 – Sephiroth di Final Fantasy 7

Another Sephiroth but it really deserves to be seen. A great photo and a really well made costume. La Masamune is always a show !!!

Which do you prefer?

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