The best of different manifestations of Japanese culture

Gomez Palacio. – On Sunday June 20, the Expo Super Con, at the facilities of the Convention Center of the Expo Feria Gómez Palacio, on the dot of 12 noon with the best of different manifestations of the Japanese culture, in a 100 percent free and family event.

In this activity, about 10 exhibitors anime, K-pop as well as the sale of products, food and beverages, in addition to the participation of youths who are dedicated to cosplay and with whom there will be catwalks and spaces for coexistence.

The program includes cosplay contests and jojo’s poses, among other activities. A fundamental part of the event is the intervention of Miguel Angel Leal, actor and voice director, who has had an outstanding participation in the series “The seven capital sins” that is transmitted through the platform Netflix.

This is a 100 percent family exhibition, which seeks to bring those who like the Japanese culture with its main exponents in the country, in addition to spreading and promoting taste among young and old. It should be noted that they will apply all sanitary measures, such as the mandatory use of face masks and antibacterial gel, coupled with the fact that access will be controlled so as not to generate crowds into the Convention Center.


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