The best sites to watch free anime in India

As in my country, the popularity of anime in India has been burning slowly over the decades. However, with the advent of better broadband access and streaming services, the average Indian citizen is having easier access to the best anime shows. While paid streaming services are relatively affordable, you don’t have to worry about paying money to watch many shows. As long as you’re willing to put up with a few ads, you can enjoy the best of Japan without spending a cent. What are the best services? We exchanged our VPNs for India and tried to try them out.

Anime Planet offers legal anime streaming without having to pay money. However, we had to register to watch the episodes. In addition, not all performances are complete. For example, ReLIFE offered only a few episodes to watch. Naruto Shippuden, on the other hand, features all 500 episodes.

To watch the series that can be streamed on Anime Planet, use the “Watch Anime Online” section, as the programs listed here are for reference only. Nevertheless, it is a comprehensive database of shows that can help you compile a list of what you want to see. There are also great breakdowns of characters in the series and great keyword tags to find programs similar to the ones you like.

Anime Planet also offers free manga chapters that can be read directly in the browser – though of course don’t expect a full range of manga to be available.

If you are new to anime, Anime Planet is a great place to start. Not only because you can start watching certain shows right away, but also because of the wealth of information about anime on the site in general. It’s especially useful to use the Watch List tool on the page to keep track of what you want to see and what you’ve seen.

Crunchyroll is a world leader in legal anime streaming. Although the site was launched on dubious legal grounds, it is now 100% legal. It is so legal that Sony bought the company for more than $ 1 billion, which means the same company now owns Funimation and Crunchyroll. However, unlike Funimation, Crunchyroll is available in much of the world. However, the library differs depending on where in the world they access their content.

A VPN can help solve this, but you might want to consider a VPN with a dedicated IP address. During my testing, Crunchyroll sometimes blocks connections over the VPN. The full range of IP addresses associated with VPN services appears to be blocked. Runtime performance can vary depending on which VPN you are using and which country you are trying to spoof.

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As for Crunchyroll itself, it is truly a market leader in anime streaming. The free level of service offers a full range, mostly with captions. The downside is that you have to endure the advertising. Also, you are always two weeks behind on simcastcasts. Paying subscribers can watch the new simulcast episodes an hour after the Japanese broadcast.

The web interface was great, but we always had a bad connection with the Crunchyroll apps on every platform we used. As things change, the selection of regional libraries in India is still a bit meager, which is fine if you want to stick with the free service.

We hadn’t heard of ConTV until the article was written, but it was found to have started as a service related to Comic-Con. Wherever you come from, there is plenty of great free content here.

You don’t need an account to access anything and you can start watching right away. However, this is not an anime-centric site. So start by searching for the word “anime” to find out what appears. Within seconds, we started the first episode of the classic Great Teacher Onizuka.

Overall, ConTV is a great place to relax and offers even more enjoyment to silly viewers with a wider range of interests than anime.

Yes, the old YouTube can be a great place to watch full episodes of the anime series. While some of these will be bootleg uploads that YouTube will quickly remove itself, there are also legitimate uploads.

For example, Muse Asia hosts full playlists of shows like One Punch Man. Whether or not you see ads depends, of course, on whether you use an ad blocker or pay for YouTube Premium. It can be hard to find good quality shows if they are user uploads, but because of the narrower selection of officially hosted programs, it’s worth watching YouTube.

Tubi TV claims to have more than 20,000 shows, but what I really care about is the anime section. We were pleasantly surprised here. The shows are, of course, completely free, with commercial breaks. There is no paid subscription option at all, so when you watch on Tubi TV, you always deal with them.

Nevertheless, the selection of titles is delightful. There are a few more recent shows, but the real value here lies in classic titles like Bubblegum Crisis, AD Police and Vampire Princess Miyu. The selection is small, but the quality is undeniable. Here’s how to get American content from India on Tubi TV.

Free is not a bad thing

These free options are great and you really need to take the time to finish all the anime you can see in India. For services like Crunchyroll, you may want to pay for a basic level that removes ads if you want to deal with anime with 100 episodes. You should also consider Netflix as another paid option if you want to spend money. It has a good selection of original anime that is constantly expanding.

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