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Do you have a favorite cosplay about Naruto?


Naruto, for better or for worse, accompanied us for many years, from 1999 to 2014 (2017 for the anime), made us laugh, move, gave us strength, taught us a lot and still kept glued to comics or TV to always know how one thing or the other was going to end.

Many have criticized the latest saga, that of the Fourth Ninja War

As it was defined as a constant jumble of power-ups a bit meaningless and in general an absence of ideas on the part of the master Kishimoto.

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Despite this, the fourth ninja war has given many answers to the story of Naruto, Obito, Senju Hashirama, Madara, the Uchiha clan and its troubled history and obviously the combination of sun and moon, the two parts of the Hermit of the six ways. and so on.

But apart from that, each of us has been interested in, identified with or fell in love with a certain manga / anime character.

Hinata, Tsunade, Ino, Kurenai, Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and so on, every character in the world imagined by Kishimoto had something to say, something to teach. He had an interesting psychology and a fairly deep and deeply rooted background in the ecosystem of the ninja world.

Today we offer you a splendid Tsunade cosplay from our very Italian shiftymine

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Tsunade is a character who, in addition to being one of the four ninja to have fully learned the art of hermit

together with Jiraiya is a ninja with a truly dissolute life, full of vices, not very delicate but very dutiful and passionate.

Impossible to forget his rivalry and love towards Jiraiya, which is denoted above all after the events that occur during the series of Pain. That particular scene was able to create emotion and emotion in many fans.

The secret of its eternal beauty?

The same drool of his familiar, which in addition to having very strong healing properties, also has rejuvenating properties!

But this young cosplayer doesn’t need snail slime to prove how good she is for the role she’s playing!

What do you think?

Do you have any other Tsunade cosplays you love or one of the other Naruto characters that you want to show us or that you would like to see in one of our future articles? Let us know in the comments!

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