the bill sows chaos in the National Assembly

Arthur Delaborde

The text of MP LFI Aymeric Caron aimed at banning bullfighting divides very strongly within the presidential majority but also at the National Rally. Even in the ranks of Nupes, the prohibition of bullfighting is not unanimous.

Should bullfighting be completely banned? The question animates the public debate and the National Assembly, which debates for the first time a bill of La France Insoumise which proposes to ban this practice throughout the territory. The text will be discussed Thursday November 24 in the hemicycle after a passage in committee of the laws this Wednesday. Political families are divided on this subject, including even within the majority.

A divided political class

The government considers itself unfavorable to the ban on bullfighting but is still walking on eggshells. After some procrastination, the Secretary of State for Rurality, Dominique Faure, was instructed to oppose the text. The Secretary of State has the quality of being less divisive and mediatised than some of her colleagues, such as by Eric Dupond-Moretti. The Keeper of the Seals, a fervent defender of bullfighting, was nevertheless ready to do battle. However, the executive has chosen to do everything to prevent the debates from becoming electrified.

The majority is divided. If about two thirds of the Renaissance group are opposed to Aymeric Caron’s proposal, certain influential personalities, such as Aurore BergĂ©, are for it. The freedom to vote will therefore be left to the Macronist deputies on this inflammable subject.

No instructions given either to the National Gathering. Marine Le Pen’s troops are also very divided on the issue. Even in the ranks of Nupes, the prohibition of bullfighting is not unanimous. The text also appears only in fourth position in the parliamentary niche of the Insoumis. This could prevent a vote next week if the debates drag on.

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