The blogger bought lingerie from Kim Kardashian and it worked magically. But the girl did not expect transformation into Winnie the Pooh

Tiktokersha showed what the SKIMS lingerie from Kim Kardashian looks like, and an honest review from the girl amused thousands of commentators. After all, the corrective shorts and the top in her case worked in the opposite way – and instead of bends, they presented the blogger with the figure of a well-fed man.

Kim Kardashian is not only a reality TV star, model and influencer, but also a businesswoman. One of the celebrity’s projects is the SKIMS company, which produces homewear, underwear and shapewear. True, brand products do not always receive positive reviews. Among those dissatisfied with the purchase was a titoker from the United States, Adria Barich.

The girl left a review of the shapewear in the form of a humorous video in tiktok, which published January 24.

This video is for Kim Kardashian and only for Kim Kardashian. Hello, Kimberly. What it is? I thought SKIMS should give me seductive forms, and not make me Winnie the Pooh, who donned underwear that was not the right size, – said the customer.

In order not to be unfounded, Barich appeared before the audience in shorts and a top.

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The blogger bought lingerie from Kim Kardashian and regretted it.  She waited for a model figure, but became Winnie the Pooh

Expectation is not always equal to reality

As the tiktoker joked, because of the underwear, she had two additional buttocks, and the girl now looks like a plump man-mascot of the Pillsbury brand.

The blogger bought lingerie from Kim Kardashian and regretted it.  She waited for a model figure, but became Winnie the Pooh

Mask brand Pillsbury

In the video, Adria also showed another set of the brand, to which she had complaints. In total, her video has garnered over nine million views.

Kim Kardashian has not yet responded to the roasting of her brand’s linen. But other users of the platform left thousands of comments under the video. Most Tiktokers were amused by the situation.

Other platform users have changed their minds about purchasing SKIMS kits.

Quite a few women in replay said that they had a similar experience with Kardashian brand products.

Perhaps Adria was simply mistaken with the size, other girls considered, because their SKIMS lingerie, they assure, fits well. But in a conversation with BuzzFeed, the heroine of the story denied these assumptions.

I was like, what the hell is this $ 34 lingerie [2500 рублей — прим. Medialeaks]which I ordered because I trusted the name Kardashian. Although I ordered a size that should fit me, I looked terrible. […] I chose the S / M size, which is usually perfect for me, but the lingerie I received would only fit on a doll.

The wrong size of kits is causing self-esteem problems for shoppers, Adria said. Tiktokersha also criticized the brand for, in her opinion, over-edited shots of SKIMS models. After all, such a promotion of goods, the girl is sure, creates false expectations among consumers who want to look like Kim Kardashian.

A similar disappointment in SKIMS clothing awaited the journalist Insider, who acquired the kit immediately after the release of the collection. She wanted to look luxurious, but ended up cosplaying a bear (and a sweating one).

It’s not just SKIMS lingerie that has been criticized on social media. So, during the coronavirus pandemic, the brand released protective masks and gave the public several reasons for a hate at once.


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