The blogger fell asleep with a guy, and woke up alone. Who knew that at night she would reveal her secret

The girl told why she spent the night with the guy, and in the morning she woke up alone, and the commentators were angry with her partner. It seems that the new boyfriend was not ready to accept physiology, but was waiting for an ideal or a princess. But, perhaps, the heroines from “Disney” are only in the movies (guys cry here).

As a rule, a tiktok user with a nickname liana.m.c participates in challenges with her friends and demonstrates the results of trips to the nail. But on March 22, the blogger told how she spent the night with a guy in the same bed, and woke up alone in the morning. It turned out that the potential (or current) boyfriend evaporated due to his partner’s snoring, which he confirmed with footage captured at night.

I woke up and the guy I invited disappeared. I asked him why he left, then he sent me this video.

Roller liana.m.c scored about three million views, and the guys burst into the replay and canceled the snoring. The commentators decided: princesses cannot make such sounds, and in the case of the blogger, the stranger really did the right thing to leave.

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In turn, the users admitted that the possible negative reaction of new boyfriends to snoring makes them avoid relationships.

However, after a ton of hate, the Tiktoker got an army of defenders. Followers assured: parting with a partner because of uncontrollable sounds is at least stupid. According to the subscribers, the girl looked attractive, and the guy simply did not pull out the check for the same vibe.

Another user of the platform went deep into the work and explained why you can’t compare yourself to the models on the billboards. And this is not just a tutorial “How to Love Yourself”, but real facts from behind the scenes of photography.

And the Russian woman, who issued the Black Widow cosplay, literally asked Scarlett Johansson to leave the chat. In the eyes of users, the blogger became a “clone” of the actress, and Marvel fans could not distinguish the fake Romanoff from the original.


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