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Original title: The boss was grumpy and hammered the wall. The employee decided to frame the exhibition. Source: GamerSky游民星空

In the anime, there may be many bridges breaking the wall with bare hands, but back to reality, will anyone really hammer the wall because of anger? Recently, a Japanese netizen @天下のちゃんゆき posted a picture of his boss blasting the wall because of his bad temper, and he even held an “exhibition.”

“Because the president lacks calcium, he often hammers the wall in rage, so I held a solo exhibition.”

This action also immediately aroused heated discussions among netizens. According to folk accounts, calcium deficiency can easily cause autonomic nervous system disorders, which may lead to anger and anxiety. In addition, the walls in Japan are not so strong.

Some netizens also said that their walls sometimes break accidentally, so they will put some small accessories to make up.

However, we still have to advise and properly control your temper, because if you vent improperly, you are likely to hurt yourself!





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