The ‘Chainsaw Man’ comic jumps from paper to video on the Crunchyroll portal

‘Chainsaw Man’ is ready for its anime premiere. The new series shows the demons and voids faced by a group of teenagers.

With powerful close-ups, the ‘Chainsaw Man’ trailer left fans of this famous Japanese manga disheveled and dumbstruck. This is how this tweeter who calls himself graphs it: Vala lvs sodo AKIIII:

‘Chainsaw Man’, written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, It is a cartoon that has become a benchmark of the urban existentialism, with futuristic overtones.

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The premiere of its trailer, in an animated version, has surprised by its faithfulness to the expressive lines of the original comic.

It is a happy adaptation that will be available on the platform Crunchyrollthe same one that specializes in the distribution of anime very popular among young people.

The portal has an option to access a free plan in Spanish, it has more than 900 series of animeabout 200 Asian drama titles, and more than 50 manga titles.

‘Chainsaw Man’ tells us about the life of worthy, a teenager who must work hunting demons to avenge the memory of his father, murdered at the hands of the Yakusa mob. Loneliness and inner emptiness are the other obstacles that this animated hero.

As faithful squire of this boy, In practice, a canine-like chainsaw accompanies him on his fight for justice.

Of course, to give it a more intriguing touch, there are a few zombies and intense doses of action.

the tweeter Cristobal He was kind enough to compare some frames of the cartoon with scenes from the video. This was the result:

The cast of ‘Chainsaw Man’ will feature Kikunosuke Toya as Denji, Tomori Kusunoki as Makima, Shogo Sakata como Aki Hayakawa y Fairouz Oh how Power.

The series will premiere in next october.

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