The champions of France are back in action

Article published in the Anjou&Vous magazine of September 2022

How do you feel, a few weeks after winning your second consecutive French championship title?

A feeling… new! In table tennis, you win or you lose the racket in the hand. It was the case last year, but this year we depended on the result of another game. The scenario of the evening was crazy and we are finally champions once again. This is the reward for our consistency at the highest level and the homogeneity of the group: we practice a sport punctuated by numerous individual competitions, but when our players find the Wolves for the “team”, there is no no misplaced ego. We are all here to pull the team up. Something quite rare in the world of ping, we leave for the defense of our title with the same team of four players.

What is the role of the coach in a table tennis team?

The passage of sets from 21 to 11 points has revolutionized the sport. The tactical side takes up less space to make way for a tie-break system. The role of the coach is therefore more in the selection and placement of players for each match than in day-to-day training. Beyond that, it’s short, intense coaching, which must stick to the psychology of each player. The pre-match speech is also very important, to immerse the players directly in each game.

Within the Wolves, we integrate a pack!

What relationship do you have with the neighboring club La Romagna, which also plays at the highest national level?

When we meet, we always try to have a better result than the other! But it is a healthy emulation. Without the Wolves, Romagna would be less strong, and the reverse is also true. We used each other to progress, including in the structuring of the club.

How important is the concept of a club, in your opinion?

It is a place where everyone must find their place. 200 licensees work within the Wolves of Angers, both in competition and in leisure, sports-health or disabled sports. All participate in the identity of the club. A few months ago, La Vaillante Angers officially became Les Loups d’Angers: I find that the idea of ​​being part of the pack gives more weight to belonging to the club!

The new season is also that of the move to the Monplaisir district, in Angers?

Yes, and it’s a new start for the club. We go from 8 to 18 tables, in this room of Monplaisir with 1,000 seats. This complex is a tool to take another step forward, both in terms of high-level results and in terms of opening up to new audiences and potential licensees.

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