The China Animation Museum has a grand opening this Saturday. How do you play here? Not a complete spoiler! -Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

The China Animation Museum has a grand opening this Saturday. How do you play here? Not a complete spoiler!

Wield the magical banana fan of Princess Iron Fan and watch anime idols hold a concert up close

Overlooking from the air, the Sports Museum is like a cloud drifting into Baima Lake.

City Express News This Saturday, the long-awaited China Animation Museum will be officially unveiled!

The China Animation Museum is a “Guo Zihao” animation museum approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the China Animation Society. It is a key project of the “Zhijiang Cultural Industry Belt” in Zhejiang Province. Capital of China”.

The museum is located on the banks of the Baima Lake in Hangzhou’s Binjiang River. It looks like a floating “lucky cloud” and is affectionately called the “White Fatty”. What is the mystery hidden in it? Starting today, the Express will continue to reveal the secrets for everyone in different ways. Follow us into the Sports Museum for a quick look.

The Sports Museum covers an area of ​​2.77 hectares and the main building area is 30,382 square meters. There are six floors on the ground. One to four floors are open to the public. They are set up with “anime your reverie”, “anime your memories”, “anime your today” and “anime your memories”. “Animation Your Future” has four permanent exhibition halls, which vividly display and interpret the history, industrial development and broad prospects of Chinese animation. More than 20,000 precious original paintings, table books, historical materials, publications, model surroundings, etc. are all exhibited, which are worthy of everyone’s close appreciation.

As soon as the museum enters the museum, the large pillar-shaped screen in front of you is very shocking. It is 38 meters high and the circumference of the screen is about 300 meters. “Daisy in Heaven”, “Big Head Son and Little Head Dad”, “Black Cat Sheriff” and “Monkey” “Looking for the Moon” and other classic images of countries and comics appeared one after another, like a cordial greeting from an old friend.

If you want to know the prototype of animation and manga, you must go to the second floor of the Museum. Fenaki mirrors, revolving lanterns, and bird cage installations, these strange-looking ancient inventions can all be manipulated by hand. After the experience, people can’t help but sigh human wisdom.

In the long river of animation history, the Chinese animation “Princess Iron Fan” is of special significance and is known as the fourth large-scale animation art film after the United States “Snow White”, “Lilliputian” and “Pinocchio”. “Father of Japanese Anime” Osamu Tezuka

It was after watching this animation that Chong decided to devote himself to the animation business. On the second floor of the Sports Museum, you can find this banana fan that shakes the world and try to interact with it. What is also surprising is that the “Astro Boy Shaking Hands Monkey King” comic created by Osamu Tezuka and Yan Dingxian, a well-known animation director in China, can also be found on this floor!

Lift up Princess Iron Fan’s banana fan and try to wave it

Going up to the third floor, the works and surroundings familiar to comic fans will bring the time back to the present. Here is a microcosm of the rapid development of my country’s animation industry under the strong support of the state since 2004. There are countless bubbles floating on the three large interactive screens, each of which represents an animated cartoon and game work that came out at this stage. Just poke the bubbles you like to view them in detail.

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Source: Metropolis Express Author: Reporter Li Zheng, Correspondent Wu Wenxiao Photography Xia Yang Editor: Gao Tingting

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