the Chinese film that shamelessly copies Halo

A Chinese film called Unstoppable used a concept from Halo 4 as its poster

These days a famous insider of the Asian market (Daniel Ahmad) has published this tweet comparative between the poster image of the film Unstoppable (Heavenly Horses: Unstoppable) e un concept di Halo 4 published by 343 Industries way back in 2012

In the image you can see how similar the images are, so much so that they can be perfectly overlaid with a little editing. It is unclear if Master Chief was placed on the poster with the necessary permissions and royalties, but something tells us that may not be the case.

Even theofficial account of Xbox su Weibo (social cinese simile a Twitter) joked about it by posting a message

The Halo is not unstoppable (referring to the movie’s “unstoppable” subtitle). Halo Infinite will continue the Master Chief story this fall.

He film is a science fiction vision of the future, in which to build an interstellar civilization, the earth has become an interstellar city where different species of various planets migrate and live in harmony. The approach of a meteor shower, however, endangers the balance and Haitang and his team will try to save the earth.

This is the main synopsis of the film, which described does not even seem too bad, but it is a funny thing that among all the fantasy they could have had, they decided to take weight of a Halo 4 concept and place it on display on the advertising poster.

What do you think of this story? the Chinese company of Beijing Dream Fish Film Distribution will have paid royalties to Microsoft for the use of the flagship character of the entire Xbox division? or we are in front of the nth Slightly borderline marketing genius to which the Chinese people have always accustomed us?

For those wondering: no, we don’t know when the film will be released, but we are really curious to see if the protagonist will defend the earth in cosplay.

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