The cosplay of Catwoman from The Batman, by well-known cosplayer Zoogirlq, will make you want to be Bruce Wayne

As we are used to, Zoogirlq cosplays the DC Comics character, Catwoman, in her latest version of the DCEU

Catwoman He is one of the best characters in DC ComicsThere is little doubt about this among Batman fans, and this has been demonstrated with various incarnations on the big screen. The last one starring the actress Zoë Kravitzwho plays a Selina Kyle most real, mundane, exotic and traumatized of all. A morally reformed white collar thief with a dubious past and an on-and-off romantic relationship with the greatest detective in comics.

In the Batman universe, Selyna, has a long career that in one way or another has been reflected in the films, modifying its origins according to the convenience of the script and narrative of the director and screenwriter on duty. But in the comics he follows the pattern of his own long ago created, even though he has different origins.

Brief review of the history of Catwoman in DC Comics

Catwoman first appeared in June year 1940 in the comic ‘Batman’ #1. Selina was created by Bill Finger y Bob Kane, and this one is partially inspired by Kane’s second cousin, Ruth Steel. She was one of Batman’s first two villains, though as time went on and the numbers in the series, she became more of an adversary than an enemy. At first she was known as Readybut as we know, his alias changed for the better.

There are several versions of the origin of Catwoman, both in the movies and in the comics, but normally the details that define it are always similar. The most widespread is that Selina She was the daughter of Bryan and Maria Kyle and is a native of the city of Gotham. His father was an abusive and drunken man who always made his wife, María, a simple housewife, uncomfortable.

Selina was always a very restless woman and when she was young she took acrobatic gymnastics classes that helped her improve her agility and reflexes, which she used very wisely to avoid physical violence exerted by her father. During the 1950s and 1960s, Catwoman he stopped appearing in the comics because his appearance was too provocative for the time.

This notorious thief has also been shown as a flight attendant, who became amnesiac as a result of a flight accident. Years later it was discovered that all this information was false.

Building on the success of the film ‘Batman Returns’ a new series drawn by Jim Ballent and written by Chuck DixonIn it, Catwoman wears a new outfit, a skintight purple uniform that exposed her long brown hair. Selyna’s adventures took her halfway around the world stealing fortunes and treasures.

What if it is a common denominator in almost all the stories of Catwoman in her eternal romance with Batman, whom she finally married in the seventies in the multiversespecifically in Earth Two. There he married Bruce Wayne and they formed a family, since they had a daughter with the name of Helena.

In our reality, Selina returned to Gotham during the well-known earthquake, when the city became known as no man’s land. The d.c. thief Comics went hand in hand with Batman to face these terrible circumstances with Lex Luthor. She helped rebuild the city, only to be arrested by the Commissioner James Gordon shortly after. His relationship with the law and authority has always been, shall we say, unfriendly.

Zoogirlq’s Catwoman cosplay

This time we bring you the cosplay de Catwoman made by a cosplayer that we have already gone to on several occasions, Zoogirlq. She defines herself as an extravagant, creative woman, a bit wild and a lover of animals. She is a natural content creator from Glasgow, Scotland.

If you liked the characterization of Zooqgirl and you want to discover more cosplays, here we leave you their Instagram.

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