the cosplay of Evelyn of Ladalyumos is all curves and neon –

Cyberpunk 2077 is certainly not one of the most popular games of recent months. The launch issues (largely still present in the console versions) have dealt a severe blow to the image of CD Projekt RED and the sci-fi game. At the same time, the characters of the game have left their mark on the common imagination, especially in the field cosplay. Ladalyumos, a well-known cosplayer, today offers us his interpretation of Evelyn, one of the characters from Cyberpunk 2077.

Ladalyumos proposes a cosplay very similar to the original version, who appears in the game in a silver sequin dress, a black jacket, blue hair, and a generous neckline. One of Evelyn’s best-known images, from Cyberpunk 2077, shows the character illuminated by the neon lights of a night club. Ladalyumos then offers us a vibrant shot, flooded with blue and streaked with purple.

Ladalyumos is by no means new to the world of cosplay, as fans will know. He recently saw her with a high-impact Lisa cosplay. How not to mention the Yennefer cosplay, also signed by Lada Lyumos.

Changing genres, 2B’s cosplay by naiichiru is heartbreaking, but it is beaten by 2B’s cosplay by 流雲: it’s one of the best ever. We then close with the new cosplay of Tifa by irine_meier: it’s unrealistic as it should.

What do you think of this Ladalyumos cosplay? Do you think he correctly represented Evelyn, the character of Cyberpunk 2077?

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