the cosplay of Quiet by Alex Zedra in the rain is to be seen –

Metal Gear Solid V brought with it a new dose of charismatic characters within the strange “mythology” created by Hideo Kojima and there is no doubt that Quiet has also been well studied in terms of possible repercussions in the field cosplay, as this interpretation of Alex Zedra of the particular character.

The girl in question is an athletic model who has several connections with the world of video games, having also been part of several marketing campaigns including the official one of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone in the role of Mara.

Precisely for this role she has recently returned to the center of attention for the claims of Clayton Haugen, who accused Activision of having essentially stolen the character from his November Renaissance project, where Alex Zedra appeared in the role of another fighter very similar to Mara .

Since we are back to talk about the beautiful Zedra, why not fish out another of her videogame-themed cosplay? So here is her Quiet, truly one of the most faithful to the original seen ever, also considering the girl’s familiarity with Weapons, his real passion. The photo in question seems to resume the infamous rain scene, which was somewhat controversial at the time also due to its high rate of cringe. To be sure, Alex Zedra’s portrayal is arguably far less embarrassing than the original cutscene, which says a lot about the latter.

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