The cosplayers decided to boycott the St Petersburg festival “Starcon” after the insults from the organizers

The large St. Petersburg festival about science fiction, cinema, science and astronautics “Starcon” has made the cosplayers of Russia angry. The scandal began with a dubious competition, which the organizers decided to introduce, and literally in a month grew into a real war on Twitter.

On June 25, Starcon posted a post announcing the Hot Coffee cosplay contest. It was included in the program of the festival to be held at Expoforum on August 21-22. The competition was conceived as a kind of afterparty for the first day of the festival. According to the conditions, the participants must wear tight suits “so that they can assess their physical fitness”, while the openness of the suit should not exceed 50%.

Cosplayers and cosplayers were outraged not only by the terms of the competition, but also by its name. It refers to the famous video game GTA, which has a mod of the same name. It opens access to a mini-game in which the main character comes to the girl “for a cup of coffee”, but in fact – to have sex with her.

The organizers called it “the world’s first cosplay competition with erotic overtones”, which shocked fans who were not going to become participants in the “sex party”.

In addition, they were struck by the incompetent behavior of the organizers, who made several frankly unsuccessful attempts to “smooth the situation”.

They did not take into account the feelings of cosplayers, who admitted that they had faced harassment more than once without a vulgar competition. Also, the organizers almost accused some of the participants in depraved behavior, and some girls were offered either to dress up as Shrek, or to lose weight.

After insults from the organizers, the cosplayers decided to boycott the festival and launched the hashtag # ЯNeIduNaStarkon. The Starkon members are outraged that their hobby is equated with prostitution and role-playing games.

Seeing the cosplayers leaving and the money flowing away, the organizers rushed to change their shoes. They finally tackled the problem, rearranged the staff, and even published their strategy for solving the problem.


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