The craftsman has learned the secret of the power of anime heroes and raises giant swords. Saitama’s training has nothing to do with science

Youtuber recreated the weapon from the anime and realized how far the cartoon swordsmen are from reality. But a heavy sword is not a problem if you call on the power of modern technology for help. The secret of 2D strongmen has been solved, and it is possible to take cosplay to the next level.

YouTube user Allen Pan is a big fan of anime and has long wanted to swing a giant sword like so many heroes do. For example, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII uses this.

Transferring weapons from a fictional universe to reality turned out to be quite simple, a familiar blacksmith helped the guy. True, the blade came out too heavy. The blogger managed to raise it, but there can be no question of conducting a battle with such a blade. Even a small swing takes too much strength.


Allen found a solution to the problem pretty quickly. Youtuber remembered the 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise. It was an adaptation of the manga All you need is kill, in which people used high-tech robotic suits to lift and carry heavy weights. Without hesitation, the blogger ordered an exoskeleton for $ 900.

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With the help of a miracle technique, he managed to raise the anime Excalibur, and now you can even strike with a sword. The exoskeleton helps to reduce the load on the muscles when lifting weights due to a special metal frame. But even so, the blade of the giant sword had to be secured with a special rope, otherwise it would still outweigh and pull the arms down.

Commentators could not resist joking about the impact of anime on human behavior.

The Japanese photographer didn’t have to go to the trouble of adding some anime to life. He just took a photo of sakura, and it turned out to be a frame from an animated series. But the main character in the picture is not a tree at all.

And another anime woman constantly bragged to her friends how wonderful her boyfriend is. It’s hard not to believe it, because she made it herself.


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