“The Deadly Duke and His Black Maid” watch online

Added – 1 series
Total – 12 episodes 2 series – 11 july

Final grade: 7.75 out of 10 (votes: 44)

Description of the plot “The Deadly Duke and His Black Maid”

A handsome young man, who comes from a noble aristocratic family, suffers from a terrible curse. Once upon a time, an evil witch put a spell on the hero that he was unable to remove. Everything that the aristocrat did not touch would die at the same moment. Unable to live an ordinary life in human society, he settled in an ancient huge castle, which is located in a deep forest. Here no one can find the duke, and the young man himself cannot harm anyone. The hero is forced to hide all the time, because his curse is very dangerous for those around him.
The only joy in his life is the beautiful and seductive maid Alice, who lives with the duke and helps him brighten up his loneliness. The girl is in love with her master, and the aristocrat himself is not averse to starting a relationship with a young lady. But no matter how young people want love, the duke cannot touch his beloved, otherwise she will die. This becomes a powerful incentive to turn to supernatural forces and ask them for help in removing the terrible spell.

Watch online anime “The Deadly Duke and His Black Maid”

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