The Dungeon Of Black Company: Release Date, Plot & Trailer

The Dungeon Of Black Company release date is getting closer as we near the summer 2021 anime season. An anime adaptation of Meikyuu Black Company by Yōhei Yasumura has been announced by SILVER LINK. We’ve also seen three trailers for the anime since then. Elsewhere, the manga itself is on its final arc in June. Meanwhile, the series, which is being serialized by Mag Comi, has published six volumes of Tankōbon in Japan. In the meantime, only five volumes in the English language have appeared in the series. The manga series was licensed in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment. And since it was released in December 2016, fans of the manga series have been desperately asking for an anime adaptation. This has finally come to fruition as we wait for The Dungeon Of Black Company’s anime premiere to be released soon.

This fantasy comedy isekai anime is going to start before we have an end to the manga itself. Therefore, it is entirely possible that we will see different endings in both manga and anime. Unlike other Isekai animes like Overlord and Combatants, the protagonist is not overwhelmed. In fact, the hero is the exact opposite of being completely useless. In the new trailer we saw insights into the anime. We saw the aura it wears as well as the possible characters we would meet. By watching anime for years, you can tell what kind of anime it is. A comedy isekai in which the powerless protagonist fights the forces that he is facing at the side of his mighty comrades. Nonetheless, we have a seedy NEET in our midst. Here is trailer 3 from The Dungeon Of Black Company.

The Dungeon Of Black Company’s release date

The Dungeon Of Black Company is slated for release on July 9, 2021. This summer anime is animated by SILVER LINK Studios under the production of Toy’s Factory, Jinnan Studio and Kadokawa. The anime is slated to appear on TV on Tokyo MX and TV Aichi. This is later distributed to a variety of Japanese networks such as ABC TV, AT-X, BS-NTV, and others. The details of the release date of the synchronized version will be announced. The anime will be directed by Mirai Minato, while Deko Akao will oversee the script. The characters were designed by Yuki Sawairi, while Taku Inoue composed the music. The opening title song is by Howl Be Quiet and is called “Shimi” (stain). Meanwhile, the final theme song is sung by Humbreaders entitled “World is Mine”.

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What is the plot of The Dungeon Of Black Company?

Kinji Ninomiya finally made it as a professional NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). He has managed to reach the climax of a lay life as he has enough money to lounge around in a room. Although he has lost all kind of work ethic, he has kept his life going through various investments. At an early stage in life, he threw all of his money into stocks. With the money he earned, he bought condominiums and now lives generously in a penthouse life. And now he has a steady income without having to work.

Still from The Dungeon of Black Company

All of this soon collapses when one day a magical incident occurs that transports Kinji to another world. People often wonder if it is possible to live a great fantasy as a hero who will be welcomed with open arms. But instead, Kinji is immediately enslaved by a corrupt organization. This is a mining company his job is to extract crystals from a dungeon. Here, in a fantasy as in the real world, money is everything. Hence, Kinji has to fight his way through poverty to regain his financial stability. For this he takes part in unusual adventures in a part called the Black Company. Here, in these adventures, Kinji and the gang meet dragons, goblins and so on. But none of that will stop Kinji from pursuing the world’s largest bank account.

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