The Dungeon Of Black Company Reveals Details For Its 2021 Premiere – We Are Not Ñoños

Meikyū Black Company it is also known as The Dungeon of Black Company

Another premiere that brings us this 2021 is the anime of The Dungeon of Black Company, adaptation that will be based on the homonymous work of Yōhei Yasumura. Through the website official of the series, some details of the production were revealed.

This past Friday, part of staff and the cast main of seiyuus It was leaked online, these being the only data officially confirmed without having more specifications at the moment.

In addition to the partial announcement of the team who is in charge of their adaptation to TV, It was also –released- a bit of official art of the series. Giving us a taste of the aesthetic style that we can enjoy in the anime from The Dungeon of Black Company what is expected released for the month of July.

The main address of The Dungeon Black Company, will be under the command of Mirai Minato, who will work on anime like Masamunekun’s Revenge y Fate/kaleid Iiner Prisma Ilya. With the help of Deko Akao in supervising the scripts, whom we will remember for his participation in the anime Noragami.

Also bearing Yuki Sawairi (Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Wise Man’s Grandchild are within his previous works) designing the characters, all under the wing of the animation studio SILVER LINK.

Silver Link studios

Inside of the poll from seiyuus, we meet Katsuyuki Konishi as the protagonist Kinji Ninomiya, a Misaki Kuno In the role of Rim and finally to Hiro Shimono giving voice to Wanibe.

«The premise of The Dungeon of Black Company it focuses on Kinji Ninomiya, who seemed to have it all because he has obtained enough comforts to never go back to work for a single day, so he lives carelessly mocking his success and comparing himself even to God. However, this attitude does not go unnoticed and in the blink of an eye he is transported to a new world where demihumans and creatures coexist with each other. Far from having a warm welcome, he is immediately put to work in the Dungeon, much to the chagrin of our protagonist who will do everything to regain his former privileged life. “

The Dungeon of Black Company

Can Kinji return to your world? The manga has not been finalized yet, so follow closely The Dungeon of the Black Company to find out, in this story full of Comedy, Adventure and Fantasy.

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