The Entre les mondes show continues until Sunday, September 19, in Aurillac (Cantal)

The Entre les mondes show opened this Saturday, September 18 and continues until Sunday, September 19, until 5 p.m. (free entry, compulsory health pass), with around twenty writers, designers, guest artists and several publishing houses.

Breathing for private living authors since the start of the pandemic. “It’s always great to meet the public, to present what we do alone in our corner”, smiles Julia Weber, who came from Montélimar to present a book written before the Covid, but published after. “The time to send it to an editor, to make the corrections. It’s lonely work, but then we let go of our baby! Both phases are fine. “

The exhibition “Entre les mondes” invites fans of science fiction and fantasy literature to Aurillac (Cantal)

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In addition to the dedications, a screening is offered at the Cristal with the film Arrietty le petit monde des pilardeurs, at 11 a.m.

A round table with Humor et imaginaire, a happy marriage, at 10:30 am and a conference, “The strange detectives”, at 3 pm, by Jean-Luc Rivera. Cosplay workshops are also carried out.

Pierre Chambaud


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