“The Executioner and Her Way of Life” is an adaptation of the Yuri story about a professional murderer

Ranobe series “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” (Shokei Shōjo no Virgin Road) will get his own TV anime adaptation.

“Lost” – this is the name of the wanderers who come to this world from a distant place called Japan. Nobody knows how and why they leave their homeland, but it is known for certain that they bring misfortune and destruction with them. Menou is a young executioner girl whose duty is the ruthless destruction of the Lost. Another victim is Akari’s girlfriend, a seemingly routine task, but in the course of its execution it turns out that Akari is literally impossible to kill. Feeling a challenge to his professionalism, Menou begins to look for ways to overcome this mysterious immortality and for this he sets out on a journey, and Akari happily joins in after, not knowing her true intentions …


Menou Iori Saeki Vanilla in the TV series “Nekopara”
A young executioner girl with exceptional magical talent. Sincerely devoted to her mission and struggles to finish off Akari before her powers spiral out of control. Her mode of action is to befriend the target to learn about her abilities before killing. Her favorite weapons are the short blade and the scriptures.
Mites Moeka Kishchimoto
Lost, affectionate and easy to climb. Menou cannot kill Akari due to her ability, which she herself does not know about. She sets out on a journey with Menou, unaware of her plan.


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