The Festigame Chile is approaching and here we tell you everything important you need to know

The new edition of Festigame Chile 2022 is getting closer in the month of August, which is why you should hurry to find out all the basic and additional information about the activities that will take place in this incredible event dedicated to the world of gamers and family entertainment. at international and local level.

Opportunities like this should not be missed, if you are a fan of everything related to video games, especially Cosplay, then this event is perfect for you, in addition to the fact that you will be able to find many other people with your same tastes and interests about everything that video games have to offer us today. Let’s start then.

The basic information of the Festigame that you should know

First of all, you should know some basics about what the Festigame is all about and then decide whether or not to go if it’s your first time and if you haven’t got your tickets yet.

The Festigame is not like any other type of festival, but rather it is one specifically dedicated to gamer culture, the largest family entertainment and video games that takes place within Chile in the city of Santiago. It is based in the Espacio Riesco and lasts for three days within the dates August 12, 13 and 14, although it also obviously has the possibility of getting tickets for just one day.

This has been taking place from 2012 to 2022 and since last year it had to be done via online stream due to the global situation, this year is recharged as never before with many new features and activities to entertain yourself alone, with friends or in family. It has become particularly important since since its inception it has a large gathering of people from all over the country, including international guests with a great role for video games, such as the voice of Mario in Mario Bross. They recently confirmed this year’s guest list full of amazing people.

The Amazing Cosplay Competition

Although several different activities and competitions or tournaments of all kinds are carried out within this festival, something quite new about it is the cosplay competitions.

Cosplay consists of producing some striking character that is part of a video game, but it is not simply dressing up, but living in one’s own skin and, above all, having a lot of creativity.

This year’s competition will feature national and international juries, different contest instances, outstanding cosplayers and incredible prizes that you can win. Some of the best known cosplayers are @vickypitycosplay, @goukicosplay, @fiseacosplay, @rakunmatteuci, among others.

One of the coolest stands that you should go through yes or yes

Finally, it seems important to us to highlight the fact that within the activities that are carried out, in addition to the exclusive video game premieres, its guests, the conferences, the esports tournaments, the contests, the competitions, the sale of gaming and live shows are the presence of stands of several different brands prominent in the world of gaming.

Among the best stands that you should visit if you attend the event, the main one is that of Acer, since it has a set of various activities, with curved monitor y monitor gamer to test with simultaneous games that are carried out during all the days of the same. The best thing about this stand is to try the best-known and currently fashionable games such as Fall Guys in its new Predator Thronos installation, which has a very large curved monitor to play video games.

In addition, it has a play area with different types of monitor gamer where you can hold tournaments, competitions or play freely and win prizes for it, so you can not miss visiting it.

In conclusion, if you are one of those video game fans and you want to live your own experience of attending a major gamer festival in Chile, then this is your opportunity. The good thing is that there activities for all ages, for friends and for families and it is impossible for you to get bored here.

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