The first taste of netflixes Pacific Rim anime has arrived

Anyone wondering how the Pacific Rim spin-off series will look will peek at the teaser posted yesterday.

Back in 2018, Netflix announced that they were making an anime series, but we didn’t hear much about it until the end of last year, when the full title of the series was revealed: Pacific Rim: The Black (on Hungarian Netflix) ).

By now, there’s also a brief taste that doesn’t show much, but we can see our protagonists tying themselves into a Jaeger and setting off. The series follows the adventures of a brother and sister trying to find their missing parents in Australia, which has been deserted by the destruction of monsters.

The series follows films by Guillermo Del Toro and Steven S. DeKnight Pacific Rim. Marvel comic veteran Craig Kyle and Marvel animation team writer Greg Johnson are responsible for the writing assignments. Pacific Rim: The Black will be available on Netflix on March 4th.

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