The five best anime series to end 2021 and start 2022 | Present

Already immersed in Christmas dates (almost leaving for those who do not expect anything from the kings of the East), which are traditionally linked to a huge amount of gifts and money that changes hands, animation fans must be taken into account with You want to surprise friends, family and partner or simply to solve a last minute author-gift.

Fortunately, it has been a good year for animation, so we wanted to compile the best animation series put on the store during 2021, ranging from timeless classics to what is hitting the most at the moment, so that no one is left without it. yours.

Guardians of the night

Guardians of the night / Select Vision

The latest of the latest. Kimetsu No Yaiba (original title of this work) has turned Japan upside down since the manga was launched and has also revolutionized modern Japanese animation, which is not going through its best stage as a craft. It’s not the first time we’ve talked at length about one of the biggest hits of recent years, which even received a movie in theaters last April.

Tells the story of Tanjiro, a young man who loses almost his entire family to the attack of a demon, and sees the only surviving sister turned into one of them. From there, Tanjiro will train to join the ‘Demon Hunters’ corps, while searching for a cure to return humanity to his sister.

Selecta Visión has put in stores the first season of the series divided into two volumes of 13 episodes each. Also, you have two editions on Blu-Ray; the normal one and the collector’s one in A4 format and loaded with ‘goodies’ difficult to ignore.

A spectacular edition for a sensational series and an excellent gift for any fan of Japanese animation.

Made in Abyss

Winner of the 2017 Best Anime Award, Made in Abyss stars Riko, an orphan living on the island of Orth, where more than a thousand years ago it was discovered the Abyss, the last unexplored area of ​​the planet.

This Abyss is thousands of meters deep, and holds artifacts and remnants of a lost civilization. Guarding them there are a lot of monsters and dangers, throughout each and every one of their layers. Riko wants to become an explorer like her mother, who disappeared years ago in the Abyss, and start a journey from which few people can return.

This series has a completely particular design, with almost childish lines for an argument for all audiences (if not an adult), and a great animation at that moment that we mentioned before in which it is not easy to find it.

Once again, the series that deserve it receive the collector’s treatment that Selecta-Visión has already accustomed us to and this has not been the exception. You can get it in a Digipack format or in that hard and beautiful A4 format box that looks so good on the shelf.

Cowboy Bebop

Although Netflix has just confirmed that the live-action series based on the anime will not have a second season, Cowboy Bebop remains furious. It never hurts to remember where all that noise that it generates now comes from and, incidentally, that the original source is usually better than any adaptation.

Set in the year 2071, the story follow the Bebop spacecraft crew, Spike Spiegel, protagonista principal, y Jet Black.

They work from bounty hunters across the galaxy, looking for the best-paying jobs, while brushstrokes of his tortuous past are given. They are later joined by Faye Valentine, an amnesic scammer, Ed, a girl with a knack for hacking, and the dog Ein.

A great classic that Selecta has re-edited so that it is not missing on the shelves of the stores in these last days of the year.

Record of Lodoss War

A good trip to the past! 90s anime very popular in its day that brought the concept ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ to the field of Japanese animation.

It was focused on Adventures of Young Parn, son of a gentleman, who He goes out to see the world to find out what happened to his father and because the number of orcs near his village has increased.

He will be joined by his childhood friend Etoh, a wizard named Slayn, the dwarf Ghim, and the thief Woodchuck. Throughout the series, Parn will find allies and enemies alike, while trying to discover, while the plot is gradually complicated.

A series of 13 OVAs that had been lost in oblivion until this year. If you are lucky you can still find a collector’s edition but in the worst case, you have the standard format on DVD and BluRay.

It would be highly recommended that you remember that any past time was better. Highly recommended to all those who already comb gray hair but equally suitable for new generations who want to discover what anime is “real”.

Ranma ½

What do we say about Ranma that we haven’t already said? With the permission of Dragon Ball, which has forged and hardened me as a human being in this hostile world and should receive that credit, Ranma is the series that brings back the best childhood memories. The last series to receive the Selecta Vision ‘Blu-Ray’ treatment with the incentive that there is no edition in domestic format ‘in good condition’ finished in our country.

You will already know that the argument follows Ranma Saotome, who during a training with his father in Jusenkyo, famous for its cursed ponds where crowds of people have drowned, he ends up falling to one that turns him into a girl in contact with the cold water, returning to its normal appearance with hot water.

His father Genma has no better luck and ends up turned into a panda bear.

From there they will start their journey to find a remedy, based on the Tendo family home, as Ranma has a arranged marriage with one of the daughters of that family because of both parents.

Of course, the accompanying curse will cause there to be tangles and misunderstandings, and more as more characters who suffered the same fate in Jusenkyo, such as Ryoga, Moose, Shampoo and others join. The best work of Rumiko Takahashi by far and a must for anyone.

It is a pleasure to know that, finally, we will be able to have a complete and definitive edition of one of the best series that Japanese animation has given.

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