The goat hid in the sewers and gave out a cosplay for Pennywise. The story of his rescue – a comedy in three acts

The goat owner overlooked the escape of his pet from the farm, which made life difficult for himself for the next few days. The animal was in no hurry to save itself, and in order to rescue it to the surface, it was necessary to use ingenuity and involve a whole fire brigade.

Pokhara, a city in central Nepal, has become a real-life comedy scene. As writes Stuff, a local farmer’s kid got lost in the sewers, and the story of his rescue is worthy of becoming the basis of a humorous film.

The goat hid in the sewers and gave out a cosplay for Pennywise.  The story of her rescue is a comedy in three acts
Volunteer fire brigades often take on the role of rescuers

It all started when the owner of the goat, Reg Harvey-Smith, noticed the loss of his pet from the common herd. The man went in search and almost immediately heard the bleating from the storm drain.

It became clear: a young goat had climbed into a pipe one and a half kilometers long. Reg made his first attempt to get the goat out: he shoved his cane into one of the top holes of the drain, trying to pat the animal on the back to direct it towards the exit.

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But he didn’t succeed. The goat simply moved away from the drain, depriving the owner of the opportunity to reach him with a cane. After that, Reg understood: he needed to seek the help of rescuers. Their role was taken over by members of the volunteer fire brigade of Pokhara, who happily agreed to help the man.

First, the firefighters put a hose into the pipe, letting the animal understand exactly where to run with the pressure of water. It didn’t work out – the goat ignored the hint and stayed in its place.

The goat hid in the sewers and gave out a cosplay for Pennywise.  The story of his rescue - a comedy in three acts

Then the rescuers suggested to Reg to bring the goat’s mother to the exit from the pipe, so that instinct would make her call her child. The man agreed and brought the parent to the right place with the help of treats.

Yes, mom will not help here, – said Reg Harvey-Smith.

Instead of the expected help, the animal began with an appetite to eat the offered snacks, without even trying to call the goat. After this turn, the volunteer firefighters ran out of ideas.

Having exhausted all possible options, they invited the man to just wait. Once the animal climbed into the pipe on its own, sooner or later it will get out on its own. You just need to remember to feed him through the available drain holes and be patient.

The firefighters were right. On the fourth day, the kid got out of the sewer on its own.

Goats are much tougher than meets the eye, ”said Reg.

The man is sincerely happy to be reunited with a pet and hopes that in the future he will be able to avoid such situations. To do this, he is going to install grates on the sewer pipes.

But goats are not only cunning, but also very enterprising animals. The talented goat has learned to walk using only half of its hooves.

And the other goat believed in himself so much that he managed to swing to an incredible size. Looking at the video with him, people are sure: Dwayne Johnson-ungulate would look like this.


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