the god of deception in Moneecastro’s photo

Loki has always been Thor’s enemy par excellence. Foster brother of the god of thunder, Loki has often been a thorn in Asgard’s side. With his continuous attempts and tricks he has earned the title of God of Deception, a feature that he is also showing in the new TV series that has arrived on Disney +.

In fact the Tom Hiddleston’s Loki made his debut on the platform of the mouse, throwing himself into new obligatory adventures. The god of deception, however, seems to want to reveal himself in other ways too, always in flesh and blood but with a very different look. Monica Castro, a South American cosplayer also known on Instagram as Moneecastro and who we also presented to you with a cosplay of Nana Shimura from My Hero Academia, in fact wanted take on the role of Loki with a female cosplay.

In the photo below we see the model with Loki’s typical golden helmet with two horns framing her black hair, while the rest of the dress is made up of a black tunic with a green scarf, golden back and bracelets and a belt. Surely in this version Loki will be able to deceive friends and enemies properly.

Meanwhile, the Tom Hiddleston’s Loki convinced the audience considered the series’ record-breaking debut on Disney + in these hours.

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