The great motherhood of Natuzza Evolo and the many conversions

He postulates. Don Enzo Gabrieli, professor at the Rende Seminary, is the priest from Cosenza who is looking after the cause of beatification of Natuzza Evolo, the mystic of Paravati, loved by millions of people around the world. “Mamma Natuzza” – that’s what everyone has always called her – saw the souls of the dead and helped with prayer and words of comfort all those who went to visit her.

He postulates

«We have enormous testimonies» says Don Enzo «of his virtues: hundreds and hundreds that we are still examining. I can say that she has managed to convert the hearts of men and women who did not have an intense and meaningful relationship with religion. This is the circumstance that amazed me the most: people who have really suddenly changed their lives after having received a “signal” from them ». But how is the Church’s ongoing analysis process going? «It is a long process but I think I can say that the light of her testimony of God’s presence shines in her life and in all the testimonies of those who knew her. I am sure that the Church at the right moment and according to God’s times will seal this process with the gift of beatification ”. There was an intense relationship between Natuzza and San Pio. And Don Enzo seems to confirm this: «we have two testimonies of their meeting linked to presumed bilocation phenomena. It is certain that the two met and knew each other. In any case, the mystery of the Passion and the very stigmata of Christ which they carried in their flesh united them ”. But the mystic seems to have also been very devoted to San Francesco di Paola, who first appeared to her when she was a child. «Every Calabrian is closely linked to this source of Holiness which, like a karst river, touches every believer. Natuzza da San Francesco was able to grasp and make her the strong and prophetic character for consciences that need to be shaken, but also the beauty of intimacy with the Lord ».

Hundreds of “cenacles of prayer”

In the ecclesiastical province of Cosenza there are hundreds of “prayer cenacles” inspired by Natuzza’s spirituality and devotion to the “Immaculate Heart, refuge of souls”. But we also ask Don Enzo why did the faithful call her “Mom”? «In Natuzza all those who knocked on her door found welcome, consolation and encouragement, they experienced maternity. Especially today it is more relevant than ever this service that you have done to fill so many interior “orphanages” that men live. An “orphanage” that loses and throws many hearts into solitude because of sin, disease and pain ».

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