the homicidal madness of Gaara del Deserto in the statue of Surge Studio

One of the characters that made us fall in love with Kishimoto’s work, and in particular with the narrative arc of the chunin exam, is Gaara del Deserto. Became Fifth Kazekage at the beginning of Naruto shippuden, initially the ninja of the Village of the Sand was prey to the killing spree. We relive his early days in this figure.

Young Gaara was introduced as a ruthless boy, ready to kill anyone crossed his path. The Sand ninja, in fact, hated everyone, even his brother Kankuro, threatening him with death several times. The only person to “keep him at bay” was his sister Temari. Behind this boundless hatred of the world, however, there was a very specific reason.

Gaara was a Carrying Force, Shukaku’s Jinchuriki, the Bicoda Badger Demon, and like Naruto he was feared by his fellow citizens for this very reason. Unlike Konoha’s blond ninja, however, Gaara was never able to find someone who loved him. Even his family, in fact, betrayed him. Naruto thought about saving Gaara from oblivion, at the end of one of the most memorable battles of the first part of Kishimoto’s work.

The collectible statue made by Surge Studio takes us back to the times when Gaara was a mad murderer. In the throes of blood, Gaara is surrounded by his Shield of Sand, ready to celebrate the Funeral of the Desert.

The figure, 41 centimeters high and available for pre-order at a price of 360 euros, hides two unmissable gems for fans of this character. Above the Sand Shield is the Third Eye, an eye of sand with which Gaara is able to scrutinize opponents. At its feet, however, we find a representation of the Bicoda Shukaku.

The boy with the heartbreaking past returns in a Naruto cosplay. If you prefer it in a teenage version, here are Gaara and Shukaku in this Naruto figure.

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