The impressive cosplay of Nergigante from Monster Hunter that is astonishing fans of the saga

Don’t miss out on the shining armor cosplay of the Nergigante from Monster Hunter World that a cosplayer has created.

Monster Hunter has returned through the big door Thanks to its new installment, Rise, but a professional cosplayer specialized in the saga has proposed to remember the previous adventure of the series with an outfit traced to the original.

Monster Hunter World introduced a new Elder Dragon three years ago that served as the game’s flagship monster. The fearsome Nergigante made things difficult for usBut beating him had its benefits, such as gaining amazingly designed armor.

Well, this outfit has not gone unnoticed at the German cosplayer, Svetlana Quindt, kamuicosplay and Instagram. One of his latest cosplay is the Nergigante armor, how expensive it was to get. We leave you the result here below.

In addition to the two corgis that act as comrades, which always adds up to the overall result, he has also achieved recreate the two dual swords that seal a complete set of Nergigante. Both claws, along with the armor set, are identical to what is seen in World.

Here are some of the essential accessories and peripherals to enhance your PlayStation 4 experience.

After seeing the manufacturing process we can say without any doubt that although the fight against the Nergigante has its own thing, cosplay is much more sacrificial and expensive to perform. Yes indeed, the result is the best so far.

What do you think? Meanwhile, the saga continues to his. Monster Hunter Rise already exceeds 5 million copies sold worldwide.


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