The Last of Us Day 2022

Today is a special day for fans of a certain Naughty Dog license, as we celebrate The Last of Us Day. For the occasion, the studio honors its community by sharing the most beautiful photos of The Last of Us Part I taken by the players. And icing on the cake, we have the right to fashion photo tips from the Dogs themselves!

First part of a two-part saga (for the moment), The Last of Us was entitled to his remake released this month. PlayStation then put the game forward by making the themes of the latest editions of the Share of The Week. However, the announcement of winners of the “Left Behind” themehas been accompanied by another news for fans of in-game photography.

Eh yes ! They are always quick to put their community first at Naughty Dog. Thus, last Friday and all weekend, players were invited to share their best shots of the games The Last of Us on the Twitter and Instagram networks with the hashtag #TLOUPHOTOMODE.

Today, for this new edition of the The Last of Us Daythe Dogs reveals their selection!

clicker The Last of Us Part I immortalized by @coalabr14.

« A true lesson in humility »

Before presenting this somewhat special photo album, Jonathon Dornbushhead of editorial content at the Dogs, describes the studio’s admiration for these fan creations.

It’s always a huge privilege to see our characters and our world come to life or be reimagined in fanart, cosplay, tattoos, and everything in between.

Even more, it expresses how much the development team has become aware of the richness of the photomode. On the one hand, this is the means of artistic expression ” the most accessible to create from the game. But, in addition, this mode photo turns out to be a full-fledged artistic practicewith its technicality, its subtleties, leaving the freedom to everyone to shape their shot by putting their personal stamp on it.

The Last of Us Day 2022 : Photo Mode Collection - Scène de The Last of Us Part I par notthebadtrump (Twitter)
scene of The Last of Us Part I signed by @notthebadtrump.

Photomode masters have been chosen

Thus, these are 19 virtual photographss that were put forward by the Dogs. The illustrations in this article were chosen from among the selected photos. But you can find them all directly on the site de Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us Day 2022 : Photo Mode Collection - Saut de Ellie dans The Last of Us Part II par 1saiahmercado (Twitter)
Ellie taking the plunge into The Last of Us Part IIpar @1saiahmercado.

All of these photos are a testament to the community’s attention to detail that the games abound. We cannot be wrong in saying that theamour for the latter shines through each of them.

We are also well placed to say so since a member of the team Naughty Dog Mag’ himself saw one of his photos withheld by the Dogs. It is of course about Photoingame, who often does us the honor of embellishing our articles with his works. And since he is a very nice guy, he shared his creative process for said snapshot on his social networks. Admire the work:

Some advice offered by the house

But Max is not the only one to have shared his secrets for taking the most beautiful photos possible in The Last of Us Part To you Part II. Eh yes ! There ” Photo mode collection concocted by Naughty Dog for The Last of Us Day honors us with some tips this year!

It turns out, in fact, that the Dogs are also big fans of the photo mode. It is a way ” to explore and see [leurs] games in a new light “. In this sense, three members of the studio share, for all fans of the license, their own shots and tips for the photo mode.

Ryan Chan’s tips

The Last of Us Part I: black and white close-up of Joel killing an infected, by Ryan Chan (from Naughty Dog)
Joel killing an infected stealthily in The Last of Us Part Ipar Ryan Chan.

As director of photography, Ryan Chan knows about image. To his eyes, ” have a strong subject in its frame is a good way to get a strong photo “. He encourages relying on the lines of the environment, for example of buildings, to make his subject stand out. The filters are, for him, also a good way to take an even more impactful photo.

Next, Chan notes the interest of the option frame by frame (frame forward), newly arrived in The Last of Us Part I. Thanks to it, you can switch to the frame next and, in doing so, seize the perfect moment to take your shot. But this is not the only very useful option in his eyes: the grille as well as the possibility of hide characters are very good ways to take better advantage of the very dense and rich rendering of the game.

Tips from Derek Chatwood

The Last of Us Part I : Ellie bravant les flammes, par Derek Chatwood (de Naughty Dog)
Ellie braves the flames to confront David in The Last of Us Part Ipar Derek Chatwood.

It’s not Derek Chatwood, Senior Game Designer at Naughty Dog, which will contradict Ryan Chan. For him too, frame forward is an essential. However, this is not the only novelty of the photo mode within the license ELEPHANT which he approves. In fact, Chatwood is now a fan of the three-light system included in the remake of ELEPHANT1. It is, according to him, a very good way to bring out the details but also the expressiveness of his subject.

What’s more, it reminds us of the possibility of playing with the frame. Thanks to the functionalities of the photo mode, it is indeed possible for you to make rotate the frame of the image. So your shot can flip from horizontal to vertical; this is enough to get rid of certain constraints or to rethink its composition.

Joy Liberatore’s tricks

The Last of Us Part I : Ellie furtive, par Joy LIberatore (de Naughty Dog)
Ellie in stealth mode in the DLC The Last of Us: Left Behindpar Joy Liberatore.

Different person, different area of ​​expertise. Fact, Joy Liberator is Senior QA Tester and special effects assistant at Naughty Dog. Thus, it too highlights the importance of lines… except that this time it warns against those who could harm your creation by aligning them with your subject, interfering with the intention that you would like to give.

Likewise, she points out that the games The Last of Us present environments teeming with detail. However, this can sometimes divert the public’s attention from your subject. So do not hesitate to play on the lights or the frame. These are all tools that can help the eye focus on what you really want to show.

So these are the tips from the members of Naughty Dog. Hoping that they will accompany you in your own sessions of photo in-game. Do not hesitate to take a look at the #TLOUPhotoMode to discover hundreds of fan photos!

And so as not to miss any announcements from The Last of Us Dayfind Naughty Dog Mag’ on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook et Discord.

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