The lawyer became a cat in a serious meeting, and this is a meme. Gregor Samsa, move over, you were outdone in 2021

Instead of a lawyer, a cat with a man’s voice and frightened eyes showed up on the video at the hearing. The audience could only roll with laughter and disassemble the video into screenshots – after all, the occasional cosplay of “Transformation” by Franz Kafka during a serious online event turned out to be too meme.

On February 9, Texas judge Roy Ferguson shared a story about how a serious court hearing can become a reason for humor due to the settings in Zoom.

The judge posted a link to a YouTube video with a funny moment. In the footage, along with the participants in the meeting, dressed in formal suits, there is a large white kitten, signed as Rod Ponton. The man tried to explain his predicament to Mr. Ferguson – and given the fact that the cat filter mimicked his facial expressions, it was priceless.

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– Mr. Ponton, I believe you have a filter turned on in your video settings. Could you…
– Oh! We’re trying to … Did you hear me, Judge? – answers the kitten with a frightened face.
– I can hear you, I think it’s a filter.
– It’s really a filter, I don’t know how to remove it. I called an assistant, she’s trying to do it, but … Oh. I am ready to continue the meeting with him. I’m online here, I’m not a cat, ”Rod Ponton assured.

The video went viral on YouTube and Twitter, with a total of nearly 20 million views. It is not surprising, because the alarmed look of the Ponton cat amused the audience.

The commentators instantly sorted the footage into screenshots.

And these images are clearly worthy of lodging in your memes folder for reactions.

Users of the platform also noticed that Rod Ponton accidentally brought to life the popular fluffy pattern.

The video itself gave rise to memes.

His assistant, trying to remove the filter:

However, the judge posted the video not only to give social media users a smile. In the comments below the post, Roy Ferguson explained that these funny moments show the desire of the representatives of the court to ensure the work of the judicial system in these difficult times. According to the man, each participant in this situation behaved with dignity.

A similar filter fiasco happened to one boss who became the heroine of a viral post. The woman could not figure out the settings and became a “potato boss”. And the face of a live tuber on the frame is a real mood in life.

It is worth taking a lesson on online conferencing and a professor from Singapore. The man gave a lecture for two hours and only then realized that because of a small but important setting, everything was in vain.


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