the legend of Aang. An animated series worth watching

The cartoon “Avatar: The Legend of Aang” is so voluminous that it is difficult to describe it in words, if only because it consists of three books that symbolize the magic of natural elements, only sixty-one episodes. This animated series is posted on the portal and is a must-see for both children and adults!

If you very briefly describe the plot, then at the heart of it, as in many other cartoons, books or games, are four natural elements, they are also four magic: earth, water, fire and air. Each of these magic was represented by a people, one of the main storylines is that the people of fire are fighting against all other nations, and are about to win.

The Avatar carries the hope for peace, because it is he who can curb all the elements and become the keeper of the world, but he disappeared, and immediately after his mysterious disappearance, the battle began. He was found in a glacier, Avatar is a little boy who was only twelve years old. He has a friend – a Water mage and a brother, it is they who must defeat the Fire mage and put an end to the battle.

The plot and the picture are simply gorgeous and thought out to the smallest detail, which is only the thoughtful battles and the whole Universe, which is shown in the cartoon. The little boy himself will go from a child who was afraid that he would fail to become a master of magic, he and his friends will have a rather difficult path, but they will go through it with dignity.

The cartoon characters are quite interesting and differ in charisma, the characters open up, but in the end you get a full-fledged and well-developed personality. In addition to the main character, the audience fell in love with Sok, because he constantly amused everyone with his jokes. There are quite a few beautiful storylines besides the life of the Avatar and his friends and the real war.
The most interesting question is that this is not exactly a cartoon for children, because it is based on Eastern philosophy, and many serious topics are raised there, including genocide … The cartoon is definitely worth watching, of course, it is far from ideal, but its advantages significantly cover the disadvantages. It is worth noting that those who do not like anime still do not need to turn it off right away, since there are moments of this genre, but the cartoon cannot definitely be attributed to it. Music perfectly complements the plot, thanks to the use of many instruments.

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