The LPO and the farmers mobilize for the nesting boxes

Recently, a raptor nesting box manufacturing workshop was held, run by an employee and volunteers from the LPO Occitanie Territorial Delegation of Aveyron.

About fifteen participants gathered at the Rausas farm (Lunac) at Anthony Lorioux’s to participate in this original workshop. An initiative of the breeder himself, accompanied by the LPO, to mobilize during an afternoon to welcome his allies in agriculture.

For hawks and owls

Small diurnal raptor of our ordinary biodiversity, the kestrel eagerly hunts rodents, the main prey of its diet. They also do not neglect the summer, locusts and grasshoppers, abundant in the fields. At night, the little owl and the barn owl take over. No respite for voles and field mice.

For the preparation of this workshop, the boards had been carefully sized, ready for use. In a relaxed atmosphere, the farmers and their children got down to assembling these boards and screwing them together under the invaluable advice of farmers and volunteers of the LPO on the optimal installation of these nesting boxes.

In a friendly atmosphere, a snack with hot coffee or fruit juice and various cakes was offered to the participants.

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