The most famous cosplayers on the web

Japanese anime cosplay – Credit: iStock


February 3, 2021

of Angela Pirri

Who are the most famous cosplayers on the web? Let’s discover the kings of disguises together!

The cosplayer is the one who, passionate about comics, movies and video games, decides to to manufacture e to wear gods costumes that represent a famous person even going to mimic his own gestures and yours pose.

But who are the cosplayer more famous of the Web? There are several and most are all of female gender.

The most famous cosplayers

At the top of the most followed cosplayers there is Jessica black, of American origins, it is the most famous in the world. She started in 2009 and worked as a model in 2012: most of her cosplay features characters from manga e anime. Jessica matters more than 4 million followers on Instagram.

Another famous cosplayer is Enji Night, of Hungarian origin, has been followed on Instagram for more than 900 thousand followers. She works as a model and is highly regarded for the particularity of her own costumes. There is also one of the best known Yaya Have, of Chinese origins, who designs and makes costumes (she has made more than 300) and has often been a guest in some programs televisions Americans. It currently counts on Instagram almost 600 thousand followers.

The Italian cosplayers

Also in Italy there are several famous cosplayers such as Himorta, real name Antonella Barley, which is followed by almost 1 million followers his Instagram. Another famous Italian is Ambra Pazzani: among the characters he played there are Naruto e Wonder Woman. She was recently chosen to be Cleopatra in “Assassin’s Creed”.


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