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Dragon Ball Z is full of epic battles that led to the inevitable death or sacrifice of the protagonists. Despite the fact that the fiction features the Dragon Balls, fans could not help but be impressed every time a character lost his life, either because of his significance in the story or the impression left by the strong images.

It didn’t matter if it was the umpteenth time that Krillin died, if he revived the next chapter or the character already had a halo, they left an indelible mark on the memories of an entire generation. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the end of the manga, we recall the deaths that made the most impression and changed the course of history.

Vegeta sacrifices himself to beat Boo

The prince of the Saiyans went from being a ruthless warrior to a hero admired for his pride; an evolution that has made him a Dragon Ball favorite, even above Goku for many fans. For many, his most acclaimed moment is about his sacrifice to try to finish off Majin Boo, preceded by a final reckoning with his eternal rival.

As if the event was not memorable enough, he also said goodbye to his son Trunks with a first hug and entrusted him to take care of his mother. It was the first time he had fought for others. “A great glow was seen in the distance where the figure of a great warrior had disappeared. His name was Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans and he was extremely proud, ”the voice-over narrated.

Gohan from the future dies without saving his world

No one expected the Cell saga to show a bleak future, with humanity decimated and its heroes dead. In this reality, Gohan and Trunks are the only survivors from the android threat. When it was believed that the situation could not get worse, Goku’s adult son is murdered, leaving his disciple powerless and sunk in the greatest pain.

Bardock perishes in an attempt to change the future

In the movie The Last Stand, a warrior gives Bardock the “gift” of seeing the future. Thus he learns of the destruction of the planet Vegeta and almost the entire Saiyajin race at the hands of Emperor Freeza. Armed with courage and anger to see the end of his world, the warrior launched himself against the tyrant with his bare hands.

Despite their passionate confrontation, his power could do nothing against the demon of the cold. A tragically inevitable outcome that finds a glimmer of hope in his latest vision: his son Kakarrot avenging the death of his future race.

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Krillin is killed at the hands of Freeza

The death of Krillin in the Frieza saga is one of the most remembered of Dragon Ball Z. Not only because of the heartbreaking scream of the victim, but because it was the trigger for Goku to become the legendary super saiyan. Possibly the most transcendent moment in fiction and the beginning of an endless chain of power-ups.

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Goku sacrifices himself and entrusts the Earth to his son

Goku sacrificed his life twice to defeat his rivals and save the world: Raditz and Cell. On both occasions, Gohan was a major motivator for the hero, but only the second meant saying goodbye to the world of the living and entrusting his son with the protection of Earth. Nothing less than the end of an era that was finally interrupted in the Boo saga.

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