the most kawaii cosplay of Tsuyu Asui, the great Froppy

Tsuyu Asui, also known by her heroine name Froppy, is one of the greatest students of the UA And to be clear, this great kawaii cosplay lives up to its role in Boku no Hero Academia.

boku no hero tsuyu asui

Source: Bones

Asui, who prefers that we call you Tsuyu, already showed that she is not only a powerful hero, but also a leader and partner to trust, not only because of her power, but also because of her incredible intelligence and calmness.

A character like this would, in theory, have to wear an aggressive design as we have seen many times in heroes with similar characteristics. Nevertheless, Froppy It is also one of the most kawaii people that exist in Boku no Hero Academia and this cosplay proves it.

cosplay tsuyu boku no hero

Fuente: Destiny Caldwell

As you can see in this cosplay made by Destiny Caldwell, also known as Dessy, there is no way to represent Froppy without leaving behind that aura of calm, tenderness and simplicity that she carries.

This cosplay, of course, is quite simple, but it refers us to the qualities most necessary to understand Tsuyu-chan in this anime: responsibility, strength and charisma; three attributes that are difficult to see in any other hero, except for Le Million, who also faces his day to day as a hero with a smile.

Finally this cosplay emphasizes what Asu always repeats … Tsuyu in anime, because he prefers to be called by his first name and not by his last name, because he wants to get closer to all those he recognizes as his equals, without needing to rank above or below others.

Fortunately, Froppy She has also evolved in a great way in the anime and in the manga and what we can see of her in the future seems as bright as only she herself can be.


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