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Last month, “The appeal of JapanCool JapanAmbasaPopular after taking office as “Dah” and exchanging opinions with Minister InoueCosplayersofEnakoMr.TwitterI look back on it. “NowCosplayWithout watering the cultureCopyrightI heard that you are looking for a way to protect yourself. “In addition, he said that he was not in a position to speak easily, and said, “If it is non-profit,SNSI sincerely hope that neither doujinshi activities will be regulated. “CosplayersHe showed his thoughts as an individual.

Unique to JapanCosplayWhat is it like to create an environment where you can enjoy with peace of mind while preserving culture?Minister Inoue assumes at the press conferenceCaseIs explained as follows.

“For example, when copying or sending, with exceptions such as private use.Copyright holderIn principle, permission is required,characterIf you want to take a picture of yourself, or take that pictureSNSIf you put it onEventWhen you participate in etc. and get a reward. It has been pointed out that legal development is necessary in these specific situations, so I think we must take that into consideration as well. “

TheseCosplayruleRegarding the report of “Ka”, “Love hina]Etc. are masterpieces in JapancartoonistOf the managing director of the associationKen Akamatsu“The press has caused confusion,” he said.

“First of all, as a premiseCosplayIs workingGenreAnd there is no problem.CosplayIsGoodsEtc.cartoonistIt doesn’t hinder the profits of the company, and I haven’t seen anyone hitting it.The government doesn’t want to regulate this either, but just (Abe) the former Prime MinisterMarioofCosplayIn an era of doing things, don’t suddenly become illegal in such cases.CosplayI want to protect the safety of people. “CosplayTo do and do ituploadTo do,RetweetTo say (Copyright) Is confused in various ways, and the confusion is spreading. “

 「Cool JapanRegarding stakesCopyrightThe country doesn’t even think about making money by restricting it to a tight fit. “” I don’t want to make too much noise. “Mr. AkamatsucartoonistAsCosplayAfter showing his understanding of, he stated the solution as follows.

“For examplegameThe actual condition ofYouTubeFor monetizing with advertisinggameCompanyGuidelinesThere is also a place that shows OK. In the same way, we writers and publishers,Animation studioSuch a place is positiveGuidelinesI think it is more realistic than stipulating by law to cultivate “common sense” and improve safety. Then (GuidelinesThere is a problem of what happens where it is not issued, but I think it is better to proceed gradually. “

ABEMA/『ABEMAFrom “Hills”)

“The news is causing confusion on the contrary.” Ken Akamatsu’s view on the “copyright rule” report of cosplay


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