The NieR anime would tell an original story according to Yoko Taro himself

During the presentation of the work, Yoko Taro himself commented that the NieR anime would tell an original and unique story different from that of video games and other transmedia content.

We can already enjoy the two incredible first trailers of Master Taro’s work. According to Yoko Taro himself, in the presentation, the anime of NieR would tell an original story and only independent of video games.

The anime adaptation of NieR: Automata will be released next year, but it will do so with major story changes from the game. Being a cult piece for many of the big analysts and the public in the industry, it also has a fan base that enjoys almost any product that Yoko Taro puts out.

Yoko Taro himself revealed, during the Aniplex Online Fest 2022 event this past weekend, that the anime will launch under the Ver1.1a subtitle. Turning it into NieR: Automata Ver1.1a. Without a definitive date, it is known that it will be released sometime in the winter season of 2023.

The words of Yoko Taro

The director in charge will be Ryouji Masayuma who, in addition, is also in charge of the composition of the series together with Taro himself for A-1 Pictures. Jun Nakai will serve as character designer and chief animation director, while MONACA will compose the soundtrack. At the moment it is known that 2B will be played by Yui Ishikawa, Natsuki Hanae will voice 9S, Pod 042 will be played by Hiroki Yasumoto and Pod 153, Kaoru Akiyama.

Taro has said that he steadfastly refuses to “copy” the story intended for the game and that “wouldn’t be an interesting story” and therefore the anime has added the Ver1.1a suffix, to differentiate it from the video game title.

The author explained:

The anime title has the Ver1.1a suffix because the NieR: Automata title was a story created to be a video game, so copying it as is would not be an interesting story for an anime. So I floated the idea of ​​changing things.

But director Masuyama tried to avoid radical changes to please both the fans of the original game and the adaptation team itself. Apparently, even they wanted to adapt the game as reliably as possible, and these story changes became an internal studio debate.

The original creator was trying to destroy the original story and the anime staff is desperately preventing it… that debate went on in a tug-of-war for a long time.

Comment Masuyama.

Do you think this goes against the creative freedom of Yoko Taro Or are they doing you a favor? We will be attentive to more information about it as always.

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