The office clerk was so into makeup that he became a new version of himself. Only a passport can recognize a guy in a cosplayer

A resident of Japan posted her photos on the Web and proved that anime heroines exist not only in the 2D world. True, to date such a beauty, you need to come to terms with one “but”. According to her passport, she is a man.

If you’ve always wanted to play the role of your favorite character, then cosplay will definitely be the way out, proved a 30-year-old Tokyo resident named Minato. Sometimes the magic of reincarnation is so skillful that it is difficult to recognize an elegant lady from the pages of a shoujo manga as a simple office clerk.

It’s hard to recognize a man in a girl

It was thanks to the miracles of makeup and dressing up that Minato was able to try on the image of various anime heroines, writes Odditycentral… He shares the results of his work on Twitter under the nickname cos_minated.

The man is so successful in cosplay that only a few are able to guess that behind the “mask” of a fragile young girl is hiding an office worker of the opposite sex.

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Office worker Minato has been fond of female cosplay since 2017

Using makeup, accessories and computer processing of her photos, Minato becomes a completely different person, and the reincarnations of a man sometimes confuse even those around him.

According to the cross-dressing fan, his unusual fascination with cosplay began in 2017. Minato had always wondered what he would look like as a woman, so he decided to check it out.

A man chooses his own images and does makeup

The man signed up for one of the beauty salons in Tokyo, where he received his first make-up. This experience turned the Japanese life upside down. Minato liked the result so much that he decided to master the basics of makeup himself.

As the cosplayer admits, he is constantly experimenting with cosmetics. Although the make-up is not always perfect, Minato believes in himself and does not give up. In addition, the cosplayer believes, gradually his skills are getting better.

Makeup is only part of the process

However, makeup is only part of the creative process. Minato learned to reshape his face with transparent tapes (plasters that can temporarily mask skin imperfections), choose the right wigs and clothing, and mastered the skills of Photoshop processing.

The office clerk was so into makeup that he became a new version of himself.  Only a passport can recognize a guy in a cosplayer
Minato processes each of his photos for greater realism.

Thanks to this skill, you can achieve more realistic results, Minato is sure. Indeed, if you look at the result of the Japanese cosplay projects, it is almost impossible to recognize a man in a girl with a photo.

A cosplayer from Malaysia also tested the wonders of reincarnation. The girl was so carried away by her hobby that she changed beyond recognition – she became a male version of herself. Now not only guys, but also ladies confess their love to her.

A flash mob was even popular among fans of dressing up, in which the participants showed their photos before and after the transformations. Looks like makeup and paraphernalia are capable of giving a new personality.


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