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©Neko Tofu/Ichijinsha/Onimai Production Committee

Serialized in “Monthly ComicREX” (published by Ichijinsha), the popular comic “Onii-chan is over!” ’.
Mahiro Oyama, Dameneto’s “former brother” who became a girl because of a suspicious drug his sister gave her, struggles with life as a girl and struggles with various things to graduate from being a hikikomori. A very popular comedy called Teiku. This work has been awarded one after another such as “Manga Ranking 2020 to be animated” (3rd place), “Web Manga General Election 2019” (9th place), “Next Coming Manga Award 2018” (5th place). TV animation will start broadcasting from January 2023.

At the distributed “TOHO animation 10th anniversary big thanksgiving”, the TV anime “Onii-chan is over! ]Opening and ending theme has been announced.

The opening theme of this work is the cosplayer[Enako]who has recorded 70 covers for the year and won the 2022 Cover Girl Award, and is active not only in Japan but also around the world, and the total number of video views on the YouTube channel is an amazing 1.9 billion. Breakthrough multi-entertainer[P Maru. ]has teamed up to sing “Aiden Teishada Meltdown”!

The ending theme is performed by Marika Takano (as Mahiro Oyama), Kaori Ishihara (as Mihari Oyama), Hisako Kanemoto (as Kaede Hozuki), and Minami Tsuda (as Hozuki). Momiji) and others have decided to sing “Himegoto*Crisisters” lively as “ONIMAI SISTERS”, and official comments have arrived from each artist and cast members about their thoughts on the theme song.
Also, as early as February 15, 2023, the opening theme and ending theme CDs will be released simultaneously.
Please pay attention to the attractive music that colors the world view of the anime “Onimai”.

TV anime “Onii-chan is over! ‘s OP theme is Mr. P Maru. I’m going to be in charge with you!
“Aiden Sadasada Meltdown” is me and Mr. P Maru. It’s a very cute duet song with plenty of speed, singing while taking turns.
I hope that the up-tempo OP song will lead to the rise and excitement of the main story of the anime.
Let’s enjoy “Onimai” with me!

A cosplayer who has recorded 70 annual covers and won the 2022 Cover Girl Award, boasting 1.71 million Twitter followers and 2.11 million Instagram followers, and is active not only in Japan but around the world.

TV anime “Onii-chan is over! Thank you for letting me sing the OP theme of “!” I’m really happy!
A very cute and lively song, it’s too wonderful! I am very happy to sing with Enako-san! I’m really looking forward to the anime! ! Wow! ! ! !

< Mr. P Maru.・Profile>
A multi-entertainer with 2.54 million YouTube channel subscribers, 1.9 billion total video views, and over 1.5 million TikTok followers.

This time, the TV anime “Onii-chan is over! I sang the ED theme, “Himegoto*Crisisters”! With uptempo, slapstick comedy-like lyrics, and lines of good friends between the four, the song is just like the main story! Mahiro continues to be swayed as usual. I shouted with all my heart, so please listen!

〈Kaori Ishihara (role of Mihari Oyama), comment〉

It’s a song that makes you feel the fun and cute world of Onmai just by listening to the lines of the four people at the beginning! ! In order not to lose to the music, I sang it in a lively, fun-filled way! I imagined that if all ONIMAI SISTERS did karaoke, it would be like this. Please enjoy your time until the ED!

I think you can already feel the lively atmosphere from the dialogue between the four at the beginning! It’s a song with a lot of cute points that fit perfectly with Onimai’s worldview. did! And I was conscious of expressing Kaede’s older sister feeling in the song! Please look forward to what kind of ED it will be!

“Himegoto*Crisisters” is a song filled with the cuteness of the four members, their fluttering feelings, and their love for Mahiro-chan! I also feel a lot of improvisations that are common in anime. I sang it with the image of trying to help Momiji Hamahiro-chan, but I also ended up becoming…! Please enjoy this song as well as how Mahiro-chan is surrounded by girls and swept away!

“Aiden Teitei Meltdown”
Artist: Enako feat.

On sale February 15, 2023 (Wednesday)

●First Press Limited Edition (CD+Blu-ray)
PCCG-02195 ¥2,200 (tax included)
Specifications: Music Video recording with Blu-ray

●Normal disc (CD only)
PCCG-02198 ¥1,200 (tax included)
Specifications: Jacket drawn by Mr. Cat and Tofu

M1. Aiden Sadamada Meltdown
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Yashikin
M2. Aiden Sadada Meltdown (TV size)
M3. Aiden Sadasada Meltdown (Enako Part ver.)
M4. Aiden Sadasada Meltdown (P Maru. Part ver.)
M5. Aiden Sadada Meltdown (Instrumental)

“Himegoto * Crisisters”
Artist: ONIMAI SISTERS (Marika Takano, Kaori Ishihara, Hisako Kanemoto, Minami Tsuda)

On sale February 15, 2023 (Wednesday)
PCCG-02194 ¥2,200 (tax included)
Specifications: Newly drawn anime jacket

M1. Himegoto*Crisisters
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Asuka Ogura
M2. Himegoto*Crisisters (TV size ver.)
M3. Himegoto*Crisisters (Mahiro ver.)
M4. Himegoto*Crisisters (Mihari ver.)
M5. Himegoto*Crisisters (Maple ver.)
M6. Himegoto*Crisisters (Momiji ver.)
M7. Himegoto*Crisisters (Instrumental)

▶ Enclosed benefits (enclosed only for the first production)
・Special sticker (1 type)

■Opening theme “Aiden Sadamada Meltdown”
First-run limited edition target: Mega jacket (design: first-run limited edition jacket)
Regular edition target: Mega jacket (pattern: regular edition jacket)

・ Animate (including online shop)
Enako & P Maru. L size bromide (Enako duplicate signature & comment included)
* OP & ED CD linked purchase privilege: L size bromide (pattern: Mahiro, Mihari, Kaede, Momiji)

・ Gamers (including online shops)
Enako & P Maru. L size bromide (Enako duplicate signature & comment included)

・HMV&BOOKS online・HMV store (except one store)
Enako & P Maru. 44mm can badge

・TSUTAYA RECORDS/TSUTAYA ONLINE (excluding some stores)
Enako & P Maru. Photo card (Enako duplicate signature & comment included)

・Rakuten Books (first limited edition only)
Enako & P Maru. L size bromide (Enako duplicate signature & comment included)

・Seven Net Shopping
Enako & P Maru. L size bromide (Enako duplicate signature & comment included)

・AmiAmi online shop
Enako & P Maru. 2L size bromide (Enako duplicate signature & comment included)

First-run limited edition target: Square can badge (design: first-run limited edition jacket)
Regular edition target: Square can badge (pattern: regular edition jacket)

■ Ending theme “Himegoto*Crisisters”
Mega jacket (pattern: jacket illustration)

・ Animate (including online shop)
L size bromide (picture: Mahiro)
* OP & ED CD linked purchase privilege: L size bromide (pattern: Mahiro, Mihari, Kaede, Momiji)

・ Gamers (including online shops)
L size bromide (picture: Mihari)

・TSUTAYA RECORDS/TSUTAYA ONLINE (excluding some stores)
Photo card (pattern: jacket illustration)

・Rakuten Books
L size bromide (pattern: maple)

・AmiAmi online shop
L size bromide (pattern: maple)

Square can badge (pattern: jacket illustration)

TV anime “Onii-chan is over! ]Work summary
TV anime “Onii-chan is over! ]Broadcast starts in January 2023!

The withdrawn Dameneto becomes a cute girl…! ?

Original author Neko Tofu’s doujin circle “GRINP” posted on “pixiv” and “Nico Nico Shizuka” “Onii-chan is over! ’. It gained popularity due to the development of doujinshi, and in June 2018, the first volume of the commercial comic was released by Ichijinsha. Furthermore, serialization began in Ichijinsha’s “Monthly ComicREX” from June 2019, and as of April 2022, the cumulative circulation of commercial comics has exceeded 500,000 copies (including e-books).

Contrary to the cute appearance of the main character, Mahiro Oyama, it begins with the shocking setting of a “former brother” who was turned into a girl by a suspicious drug given to him by his sister. While struggling with life as a girl, the heartwarming everyday comedy that struggles with various things to graduate from withdrawal has gained popularity. Place/”Web Manga General Election 2019″ (sponsored by pixiv and Japan Publishing Sales) 9th place/”Next Coming Manga Awards 2018″ (sponsored by niconico and DAVINCI) 5th place, etc. “Onimai” has been expanding with the support of .

One day, what will happen to the “former brother” who suddenly turned into a cute girl…!? ?
A little unusual classic everyday comedy “Onimai” finally decided to be animated!

Mahiro Oyama, a shut-in and a damneet, wakes up one day to find that she has become a “girl”! ?
Mahiro is confused because he can’t recognize the beautiful girl in the mirror when his younger sister, Mihari Oyama, a genius scientist who skipped a grade and entered university, shows up and puts a suspicious drug in her drink. It turns out…!

Don’t go out for two years
Indulge in shady games…
I have to work sometimes!

For Mahiro, who suddenly ends up living as a girl as a follow-up observation of Mihari’s “girl-turning medicine”, there are many things she doesn’t know about “girl life” such as toilets, baths, skirts and bras…
In addition, he also gets to know Mihari’s junior high school classmate Kaede Hozuki and her younger sister Momiji.
Mahiro’s daily life becomes more and more lively. After a series of hardships, what will be the fate of the “former” brother…!? ?

Original: Neko Tofu (Monthly ComicREX/published by Ichijinsha)
Supervision: Shingo Fujii
Series composition: Michiko Yokote
Character design: Ryo Imamura
Music: Daisuke Achiha, Arisa Okehazama
Produced by: EGG FIRM
Production: Studio Bind

-Opening theme:
“Aiden Teitei Meltdown”
Song: Enako feat.

-Ending theme:
“Himegoto * Crisisters”
Vocals: ONIMAI SISTERS (Marika Takano, Kaori Ishihara, Hisako Kanemoto, Minami Tsuda)

Mahiro Oyama: Marika Takano
Mihari Oyama: Kaori Ishihara
Hozuki Maple: Hisako Kanemoto
Hozuki Momiji: Minami Tsuda

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