The Palermo Mavì in the new single “Shonen” talks about the phenomenon “Hikikomori”

After the excellent response obtained with “Sahara” in all the digital stores “Shonen” the new single by Giuseppe Panza aka Mavì. On the radio from June 18th.

Palermo – The “Shonen” are a collection of manga / anime, aimed at a purely young audience. Some of these highlight a social phenomenon that started in Japan and has established itself in the rest of the world in recent years, namely that of the “Hikikomori”: literally “being on the sidelines”, young people who for long periods decide to withdraw completely from social life , replacing their real life with a virtual one made of anime, games, social networks, etc.

Mavì: -I wrote this song approaching this world because I myself risked living a similar situation but fortunately for me it was a foot that crossed a wrong threshold for a short time. In that moment I discovered that thousands of guys like me had ended up in it with their whole body. This is why ‘Shonen’ wants to highlight this phenomenon, comparing the life of a boy to that of an anime, therefore something fictitious, surreal, exactly like the one to which the hikikomori phenomenon leads. However, the song is not only intended to represent this problem to those who are not aware of it, but, thanks to its colors and lively sound, it wants to be an incitement and exhortation towards all those who end up in this dark tunnel by reminding them that the light at the end of that tunnel exists and is made up of thousands of colors-

Production made by Mavì and Mario Tortoriello. The videoclip was made by Francesco D’aAtonio, Vito Montesano and Francesco Petrone, mixed & mastered by Vincenzo Pumpo (Davol). Management and communicator Vanessa Gray, Image consultant Diego Parisi. Motion graphic Edwin Guzzo, art designer Nicola della Porta.

Giuseppe Panza aka Mavì (born in Palermo, 21 years old). His relationship with music has always been bilateral since he has lived through different musical traditions but at the same time traditions that lead him, at the age of 6, to join the choir of white voices of the San Carlo Theater in Naples. In that same period he begins to compose the first notes on the piano trying to reproduce the soundtracks of Japanese anime that have influenced his life since he was a child, thus developing a real passion for the instrument until a few years later he joined the Bellini Conservatory of Palermo, where he undertakes in addition to the normal studies of solfeggio, music theory and piano also the study of the violin, also becoming passionate about instruments such as the guitar and various percussions present during the hours of ensemble music spent in the musical section of the secondary school. After almost 6 years of musical studies, the life of the classical high school and the lack of inspiration that classical music at that time offered, mean that at the age of 16 he left the conservatory and dedicated himself, together with a group of friends, to an artistic project thanks to which he approaches writing and rediscovers his singing skills, conceiving the first songs shortly thereafter. In that period he began to nurture a great curiosity towards electronic music to such an extent that, having achieved classical maturity, he decided to isolate himself and devote himself completely to music production, enriching the self-taught studio with private sound design studios in order to experiment and create a new musical project that combines his vision of music with the passion for multiculturalism with particular meaning to the oriental one.

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