The park made discounts for March 8, but a visitor in vain asked a question. Her voice made the guards cancel the action

A resident of China is a simple person: he sees a discount – he changes into a woman. This is how he wanted to go to the amusement park at half price, but the vigilant guards cannot be fooled. The cosplay came out right, but the life hacker should work on the acting skills. Even though casual viewers will remember his performance for a long time.

On International Women’s Day, the amusement park of the Chinese province of Shaanxi organized a promotion – all visitors were sold tickets at half price, writes Oriental Daily… At the entrance, a large queue of people wishing to ride the rides formed, and they could not do without shouting. One woman, who had almost reached the entrance, was suddenly refused admittance.

The guards refused to let this woman in a cap into the park

An attentive park employee noticed that the visitor looked strange and behaved suspiciously – and his instinct did not disappoint. It turned out that it was a man in disguise, who apparently decided to save money. The aspiring cosplayer put on a wig, painted his lips with red lipstick, and complemented his image with a cap and a spring coat.

As witnesses of the incident said, when the cunning man realized that he was about to be exposed, he switched to screaming. The man began to accuse the controller that he was biased towards him and did not want to let him in because of his strange appearance.

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Why won’t you let me in? How can you prove that I am not a woman? – shouted a visitor in disguise.

The cosplayer made a scandal, accusing the park staff of bias

After that, the young man got angry and took off his wig and cap, which further embarrassed the audience. Having finished his performance, the exposed life hacker left in an unknown direction. The press service of the park told reporters: the man later admitted that he specially staged a performance with dressing up for the sake of a discount.

Moreover, the administration of the institution later contacted the troublemaker to offer business cooperation. The management invited him to shoot a commercial, and as a fee, the man will receive the half-price discount he so dreamed of. But representatives of the park have not yet received an answer.

But now a man has a chance to appear in advertising.

A prisoner from Brazil also decided to try cosplay while trying to escape from prison. He changed into a woman’s outfit, donned a wig and a silicone mask to pass as his own daughter. The plan almost worked, but the guards turned out to be too attentive, and the convict was a bad actor.

But a man from the United States managed to escape from prison, but he did not succeed in fully enjoying freedom. He himself went back to jail, and his wife is to blame for this.


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