The philosophy of Jencarlos Canela

An internationally famous actor and singer who cares a little less about success and the charts than before. A celebrity who decides that he doesn’t have to be feeding his social networks daily.

The above may seem contradictory, after all, many of those who crave success and fame do so with platinum records and awards in mind. Jencarlos Canela has already reached the top and his conclusion was that change was necessary.

“Getting out of my networks was the best decision I ever made,” he commented during our interview. He adds that his closest people feel more present and happy.

It is not that he became a monk, nor did he abandon his work and the medium of entertainment. In fact, he’s more active than ever, with a collection of projects he’s told us about (including Hollywood). What happens is that this talented artist has a new philosophy of life, about which we talked.

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