the Phoenix armor is resurrected in this Ikki cosplay

Thanks to his moving history, which led him to go from main antagonist to hero, the bronze horseman of the Phoenix constellation is without a doubt one of the most fascinating of the subjects of the goddess Athena. Let’s relive the path taken by Ikki in The Zodiac Knights through this cosplay.

In the first shot, which you can admire at the bottom of the news, the Italian cosplayer Maurizio Akira took on the role of Ikki, or Phoenix in the classic Italian dubbing, when he was still a mysterious and evil entity ready to attack her brothers and rob Lady Isabel of the pieces of Sagittarius’ golden armor.

While giving orders to his underlings, the Black Knights, the character born from the pencil of Masami Kurumada wears V1 armor, or that of his debut. This first variant of the Phoenix Cloth is known for the helmet covering the eyes and for the pink leggings and armguards.

In the second image, shared on Instagram by the user Cosplay of GG, Ikki dresses the third version of the armor bronze. In this variant the Cloth of the Phoenix changes its features and switches to colors tending to blue / purple. Which version of the Phoenix armor do you prefer? And what do you think of the cosplayer’s job? We admire this cosplay of The Knights of the Zodiac in which the cosmos of Andromeda burns with ardor. Aiolia defends the house of the Lion in this figure from The Knights of the Zodiac at a price of 500 euros.

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